PC Claire Ford out with the hunt.

Cheshire Forest Hunt 10/12/16

When we decided to join up with Cheshire hunt sabs and Lancaster Hunt sabs and take a trip to Cheshire we didn’t quite know what to expect. It had been an awful long time since sabs had sabbed a Cheshire hunt, the Cheshire hunts have a reputation for being violent.

But it wasn’t what we expected, the Cheshire Forest hunt seemed in shock and didn’t know what to do, Huntsman Andrew German appeared scared to let his hound leave his side, and sabs and local monitors were able to keep really close to the hunt. Everything seemed to be going well, but then there was an incident that made big news. There was an altercation of words between sabs and the hunt after sabs may of wandered off a public footpath. Sabs were approached by landowners the Halton from a local dairy farm (Halton Farm) and were told in an aggressive way to leave the land and said that the hunt were not welcome either. We found this quite hard to believe due to the fact Tom Halton is a former huntsman of the Cheshire Forest. But then a female came marching over in an aggressive matter and introduced herself as PC 5336 Claire Ford, as assisted the hunt in removing the sabs. PC Ford claimed to be off duty but by stating her name and number she had now put herself on duty. Local monitors had informed us they were aware that PC Ford had connections to the hut but had never been able to identify her out with the hunt. We have since found photos of Ford riding with the hunt and also on the hunts website. When sabs got back to their vehicles they were soon stopped by officers that PC Ford had called out for back up, the police helicopper was also now circling.

The rest of the day was quite uneventful with police confirming to us the hunt had packed up at around 2.30pm, which local told us was unheard of as this hunt will hunt into the dark.

We posted the footage of PC Ford online and the video “went viral” to quote the Mail Online. Cheshire police recieved numerous complaints and local press picked up on the story and later the Mail Online. Cheshire police said it was under investigation before claiming PC Ford did nothing wrong. But a few days later had a change of heart and seems to be investigating Fords involvement with illegal hunting .

Since then Claire Ford has not been seen out with the hunt and Cheshire police only last week told the hunt to pack up before they’d even left the meet.

See video here https://www.facebook.com/Nwalessabs/videos/1145004402220176/

Sign the petition https://www.change.org/p/cheshire-police-pc-5336-claire-ford-to-have-no-role-policing-fox-hunting-or-be-present-on-or-off-duty?recruiter=650959979&utm_source=share_for_starters&utm_medium=copyLink


  1. just confirms the police involvement with the hunt , this seems to have gone to extremes in expenditure, can anyone justify using a police helicopter, considering its public money been used . and the only violence always comes from the hunt . i think its time we were told how much the police spends in a season protecting the violent law breaking huntsman after all its OUR MONEY THEY RE SPENDING

  2. This officer stated that she was within her rights being involved with illegal hunters? She did not seem worried about reprimand or job risk? . Does that mean other officers who are against this barbaric action can join the protesters I am sure some must share the disgust we feel

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