Police Harassment

It’s still early in the cub hunting season yet North Wales Police have been out in force at the hunt meets, but not to crackdown on illegal hunting but to harass and try to intimidate hunt saboteurs. So much for police cutbacks aye!

Twice already in the past couple of weeks armed response have stopped sabs vehicles with no explanation to why. First was as sabs left North Wales and were just over the border into Cheshire when our vehicle was stopped by armed response who at first claimed they were not armed response until they realised they were being filmed, then they soon changed their minds. The second occasion was September 22nd near the Flint and Denbigh hunt kennels, the armed response claimed to just be in the area. Armed response just happened to be in the tiny village of Cefn Meiriadog at 5.30am that Saturday morning… Pull the other one. When saboteurs arrived at the hunt kennels at 5am on September 22nd with the aim of sabbing the Flint and Denbighs scheduled cub hunt, a police car was parked across the kennel drive. Shortly after numerous police vehicles turned up it total 5 police car a police van and the armed response vehicle. A bit over the top for a peaceful protest don’t you think? And why are an illegal fox hunt receiving private security  from the police protecting the hunt kennels? The huntmasters wife claims the police are outside the hunt kennels every morning just in case those pesky sabs turn up.


The heavy handed tactics of North Wales Police will not put us off, we’d have thought they’d have learned this by now. What the police have done though is highlight their complete bias towards illegal hunts. Protecting criminals and aiding them in illegal and barbaric bloodsports. The response we’ve had from the public has been fantastic, members of the public are furious that taxpayers money is being used in this way, especially given the police cutbacks and the fact you cannot get a police officer out if you’re the victim of crime. Should you become a victim of crime the best place to find a copper will be outside the kennels in Cefn Meiriadog but please don’t expect a friendly response unless you’re dress in your hunting gear.


If North Wales Police had any intentions of cracking down on illegal fox hunting now would be the ideal time to do so. Hunts have very few excuses why they’d be out at dawn surrounding woodlands with people on horseback whilst the hounds are sent in searching for young foxes to rip the shreds. This would be ideal for the police to deploy their drone and capture footage of illegal hunting, but then again the police are not that way inclined.


  1. Why don’t rural police get themselves ahead of the curve instead of being always behind it. This open and blatant corruption benefits only one group of people; the organised crime gangs called hunts. It sours relationships with the public, it divides cops (those who want to do a good job and those who don’t care) and worst of all, allows animals to suffer painful deaths. It’s an incredibly shortsighted approach; forging a cosy friendship with a few rich people (for benefits unknown) and alienating everyone else who pays their taxes. I don’t get it.

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