BOXING DAY 2018. Eryri hunt

Boxing Day 2018.



The Eryri hunt met in the village of Beddgelert as they usually do on Boxing Day. Times have changed though as this once well known hunt failed to draw a worthwhile crowd. As hunt sabs arrived at the meet and spotted the huntsman ready to set off the first people we encountered were a couple of local people who had bravely turned up holding their anti hunting placard, and they soon made us feel welcome. The huntsman Emyr Jones seemed in shock at the sight of hunt sabs daring to question his wrongdoings especially on this day which is meant to be the showpiece event on the hunting calendar. Despite being in a state of shock Jones kept his cool at first and proceeded straight onto National Trust land, this despite the Eryri not having a license to hunt on National Trust land. This was no accident as the huntsman walked straight past the National Trust signs on the Aberglaslyn site. Sabs informed Jones he was not allowed on National Trust land but he just did not care as he let his hound foul all along the footpath that was being used my members of the public. The huntsman also had 2 terrier with him chained together on a short chain and larger of the terriers dragged the smaller one along. The stroll was now about to change into a mountain climb as Emyr Jones attemped to lose the 3 sabs that were first on scene as received a radio call saying “There’s hunt sabs in the village!”. Jones then started to scale the rocky face of Mynydd Sygyn. Jones insisted to sabs that a trail had been laid up there that morning but refused to say what was used to lay the trail. As sabs followed to the surprise of the huntsman and the small gathering of hunt supporters, more saboteurs arrived at the base of the hillside. Emyr Jones let his mask slip, he’d been a polite man up until now but when sabs from the bottom took his pack of hounds off him using voice calls horn calls and a gizmo, he was furious (check out our video posted earlier) When he finally got his hounds back he proceeded to climb with sabs still on his coat tail. The huntsman finally reached the peak but we had sabs spread all over, Sabs were already on the other side of the hillside and were able the monitor the hunt from afar with long distance lenses. It would have been unfair to let the Eryri have their own way so we thought we’d help out again, once again the huntsman had his pack taken off his my use of gizmo’s and horn calls. It took him a long time to round his hounds back together and already his big day was ruined.

As the huntsman headed over the hilltops sabs and members of the public who’d now joined in had the area surrounded. The supporters who’d now gathered at another location gave away where the huntsman would come back, and when he did he ran straight into more sabs. Again sabs took the hounds off him and Emyr was not amused. He still had the two terriers with him chained together and sabs had to ask him to remove the chain as one of the terriers now had blood on him presumably from being dragged around by the bigger terrier. As the huntsman headed back towards the road and back to where the hound van was now located a lady came out of a house and mistaking sabs for hunt members asked “Did you find the fox!” The huntsman headed back to the hound van and where the support had now gathered like scum does. The huntsman and support were now irate after having their biggest day of the season ruined. The frustrated huntsman got his phone out to photograph sabs before another supporter pulled him away. Not to be out done the support also had a go with one elderly chap threatened a sab with his walking stick. Another hunt supporter was only too pleased to stand and tell sabs how today was a “blank” but sometimes they kill foxes. He openly admitted to illegal hunting, video to follow! With the hunt packed up sabs headed to the pub after a member of public donated a round of drink for us!

Eryri Hunt admit to illegal hunting


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