The Inglorious Blastards.

The Inglorious Blas-tards!
They call it the Glorious 12th the start of the Grouse shooting season, but the only thing glorious about yesterday was the weather, and the sight of over a 100 sabs from up and down the country. Early morning and we joined up with all the other groups as spotters looks for the infamous shooters. At 10.30ish we got reports of shots heard near the Wissop reservoir. We headed up there and by now local sabs have located the shoot at Walshaw Estate. The shoot didn’t give up much resistance and packed up immediately, we escorted the shooters back off the moors, which was quite a walk. As we arrived back at the shooters vehicles a guy called Frank who left his United Utilities I.D hanging from the mirror of his vehicle got a bit hot under the collar. His shooter mates bundled him into his vehicle and they left with black tape still covering some of their number plates. As we awaited pick up, the police turned up and Frank returned…. Frank drive his vehicle into one sab knocking him to the ground and drove over the belonging of another sabs. The police didn’t want to take any action, but eventually breathalysed Frank after sabs insisted they did so. Lancashire police then got a bit nasty calling sabs irresponsible immature and immoral and said that we had now resorted to personal insults… hmmm the irony.

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