Hit report 5/3/22

We joined up with Cheshire Monitors Cheshire Border Hunt Saboteurs and Independent Monitors to attend the last meet of the season of the infamous Wynnstay hunt who were meeting at Manor Farm near Malpas on the Wales/England border.

Whilst in many ways this was a typical day at the Wynnstay hunt, foxes chased, badger setts filled in and some aggressive hunt supporters. It also seemed to us to be a little subdued compared to what we’ve witnessed in the past at end meets. For an end of season meet there wasn’t a particular large turn out. Early on there was quite a few vehicles out supporting including guest of honour Paul Greengrass of the Flint and Denbigh hunt, but not long after they’d set off a lot of the support had left the area.

Rural Crime Team investigating a filled in badger sett

The hunt set off at 11am and hunt supporters and riders were keen to check out our vehicle to try see how many “antis” were in the area, unknown to them at this point we had multiple groups out. It wasn’t long before Cheshire rural crime team were called out as numerous badger setts in the area had been filled in, this is a common occurrence at the Wynnstay hunt as they fill the sett to stop any foxes running to ground.

Around 12 30 the hounds picked up on a scent of a fox and the hunt took off at speed with sabs giving chase on foot whilst other sabs and monitors had positioned themselves ahead of the hunt to intercept them. The hounds rioted through fields leaving the rest of the hunt behind. Woodward the huntsman furiously shouting over his radio “they’ve gone, there’s nobody with them!”. The huntsman then headed back onto the road and rode his horse at a sab, this is now a police matter so we won’t go into detail. The hounds still in cry after the fox gave chase towards Iscoyd Park. At this point the fox was witnessed running to ground before the rest of the hunt caught up and rounded up the hounds.

Sabs stick with the Wynnstay hunt.

What happened next seemed very odd to us, the hunt took to the roads by-passing many of the areas and woodlands they’d usually hunt, they stayed on the tarmac for around half an hour, something we haven’t witnessed before with this hunt on the few occasions we’ve sabbed them this season. When the hunt did finally go back inland we had sabs and monitors on every side as we had hunt surrounded. They did again go into cry after a fox but whilst trying to give chase the hubt ran into one of group who’d situated themselves on side side of the woodland near Woodhouse farm. The hunt moved off again and the super fit runners stuck with them as they had all day. Numerous foxes were seen fleeing today by members of all the groups involved, so much so it’s difficult to mention them all. The hunt headed to dingle wood and did again briefly pick up on the scent a fox that had been witnessed fleeing, but with so many of us closing in on the hunt we made it extremely difficult for them to hunt as they wanted to. The hunt then headed back onto the road and headed for dog lane where they packed up around 4pm.

Pesky sabs close in on the Wynnstay

Today was Jay Whipper Reardons last meet at the Wynnstay before he heads back to Ireland following his dismissal for being drunken and disorderly in the pubs around Ruabon. We have quite a history with Reardon as he was previously the Flint and Denbighs whipper-in, where his favourite antics were name calling and riding horses at us….. Jay you won’t be missed!

Thanks for all your support, our work is never over and if you’d like to make a sma donation to us you can do on this link https://www.gofundme.com/f/help-for-the-sabbing-season?sharetype=teams&member=16556241&pc=fb_co_campmgmt_m&rcid=r01-164176372607-089ff354f02b4518&utm_source=facebook&utm_medium=social&utm_campaign=p_lico%2Bshare-sheet

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