Clwydian range trespass.

Hit report 27/9/22
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Today the prestigious Flint and Denbigh hunt met in a field…. Clearly landowners do not want to be associated with them. A field in Llandyrnog, it seems Gales Fawr have said “don’t be parking here” after they chased a fox up their drive last season. The smokescreen “trail layers” left the meet/field at 7.55am around 10minutes before the rest of the hunt left. We say “rest of the hunt” but that consisted of a huntsman and whipper-in and 6 riders… maybe meeting in a field in the pouring rain wasn’t prestigious enough for the rest of them.

can you stop the hunt not on a bridleway?

The hunt left the meet onto the road and immediately ran into bother. Vehicles coming the other way sent huntsman Robert Medcalf into a panic following the shambles on the roads on Saturday. Once the vehicles had gotten out the way the hunt continued up the road and turned off into a field next to Gales Back, the riders waiting back to allow the huntsman to run ahead. Sabs followed as the hunt headed along Quarry woods, other sabs were able to go ahead and cut the hunt off as they rode up Moel Arthur. NOW… the land up here is Cyfoeth Naturiol Cymru / Natural Resources Wales, Flintshire County Council and Denbighshire County Council land. As soon as it was apparent the hunt were trespassing and hunting on land they shouldn’t be on, Gwasanaeth Cefn Gwlad Sir Ddinbych – Denbighshire Countryside Service were called and park rangers were sent out. The response from Countryside Services was good, they said the hunt absolutely do not have permission to be on their land, and if they claim (like they did last time) that they were just on bridleways then there is no way they could keep 30 hounds on a narrow pathway, not that they did anyway, using our lovely new cameras we purchased from money received via the auctions over the Summer, we filmed the hunt trespassing off the bridleways.

the terrain is rather steep.

When the hunt came down the opposite side of Moel Arthur they took to the road for quite a distance which is unusual for this rabble. They then reentered the field and head towards Moel Evan, Moel Plas-yw and then again to Moel Arthur trespassing off the bridleway all the way, which was also witnessed by the police. The hunt then looped back to the road and took the directions of the Offa’s dyke trail, again not allowed here! By now sabs were on top of Moel Llys y-Coed to witness the hunt heading in the direction of Gales Fawr Farm and the prestigious field… by the time we got down off Moel Llys y-Coed the hunt had already packed up, so we are unaware if the Countryside rangers were waiting at the meet point to greet them… if they weren’t we’re sure the Flint and Denbigh hunt will be hearing from them soon.

we’ll always catch ya!

Massive thanks to Roaming Sabs and to all you kind folks, as usual we’ll leave our donations link in the comments below.

another poor turnout for this sh#tshow of a hunt.

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