Cheshire Hounds nowhere to hide.

Hit report 22/11/22

We started the morning by dropping in on the Flint and Denbigh hunt, who once again cancelled their Tuesday meet, we can only speculate as to why but we’ve heard rumours of low turnouts and lack of hunting land.
With the Wynnstay hunt also not out due to appearing in court. We headed over to the Cheshire Hounds who were meeting at Dingle Farm in Willington and were already being kept company by Cheshire Hunt Saboteurs Liverpool Hunt Sabs Staffordshire Hunt Sabs and Independent monitors.

Hounds allowed to run all over the place

With the hunt not setting off until 12noon we weren’t that far before the other groups despite heading over from Denbighshire. On our arrival we heard how the groups had kept Ollie Finnegan their new Huntsman running around in a figure of 8 as he seemed to have no answer to the large turn out of sabs and monitors, some great drone flying was also in play so the hunt were always under observation. It was only moments after we arrived that the hounds appeared to pick up on a scent, the hounds then ran through a field of cattle causing them distress, we managed to stop the hounds in their tracks with voice calls and cracking of whips. By now a farmer was shouting at the hunt for hunting through his field of cattle and tearing up his his freshly seeded fields. The huntsman didn’t seem to care much and continued down the road with his hounds causing chaos on the roads and allowing his hounds to do as they pleased. As the hunt went down the road the hounds picked up on another scent and the huntsman allowed them to run through a hedge into a field, sabs once again called them out and back to the huntsman who did nothing to attempt to call the hounds back.

sabbing the Cheshire Hounds

Eventually the hunt headed back inland off the roads via a bridleway, Ollie Finnegan cast his hounds into a woodland to attempt to hunt as the field riders sat around awaiting for a fox to be flushed, fortunately they drew a blank and as they headed further down the bridleway to head back to the road they bumped into more of us who’d strategically placed themselves to intercept the hunt. Some more riding along the road until they headed back to Dingle Farm and packed up at around 2.40pm. A job well done.

No escape

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