New Morals (Don the Gloves of Logic and See if You Can Pick Up Christianity Part 4.5)

I wrote an article — still eating— I wrote an article about the word appropriate. I think I  Whmight have also written about the word moral.   Was it moral? It wasn’t ethical. I don’t like ethical. Ethical is a puzzle it’s a math problem. Is it ethical or is it not ethical. Moral is personal decision. Everybody makes it differently and probably should. It’s not something that were all going to agree on anytime soon, at least, I feel confident saying that. It’s your own code, that you put together from everything else, everybody else’s code, and your own experience.

I don’t know, I don’t think you really get morals from experience; I think you have to get them from someone. You can’t create them. Has anybody created a moral, a moral precept? Are there new morals?

If anyone says the word netiquette, I will verbally <something> them. I’m trying to write here.

Do we have new morals? People say morals change, but are there new ones?

I can think of dozen to add, that would make no sense to…but I don’t, I .. so yes! I have. I win. That was a good cupcake too.

<rolls down window> I may have invented some morals. <window back up> That’s a fun thing to discover about yourself at one o’clock in the morning.

And still, I’m going to meet people who are so much better than me, and say, Oh wow, wow, wow look at that, that’s STIFF.

No one is moving that. Where other people have backbone, you have two-inch thick I Beam, that makes a lot of sense. I mean, I get pretty excited whenever I see people do things that work well that I wouldn’t have done. So even if morals and adding to your morals isn’t your thing, like it is mine, I think people could all get excited about that. “What did you just do? I wouldn’t, I mean, I never, I, I mean—and it worked.

“So let’s do it your way. Even if I’m not sure, next time, what your way is. I’m just going to decide…in advance…that we’re going to try your way first. Because I’m picking up on the fact that you’ve gotten something in there….that I, I haven’t had before. And I mean, curiosity alone ought to be enough— to make that worth trying out.”

So what do you call that? For once in my life I know the word that I am going to say next, before anyone who is reading might.

And how strange to have this life, to have written articles in defense of the word appropriate; to write an article in defense of the word “moral”; and now, to write an article in defense of the word

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