Hey, you know that great teacher I had? She told me something important. She said — long time ago — two thousand…that same spring that I was bringing her up, the last time that I mentioned her — she said “All learning should be a game. The only way we should learn is through games.”

I think in my book, I’m going to definitely have to put that in there. That the right way to learn is through playing. Play.

play play play



Always, and in general — not in general, take that out! —


play, play play play play PLay, playPLay,

And always when you’re learning things be happy. Don’t learn when you’re sad. Wait until you are happy. Then learn.

why Why why especially, especially if you are trying to train your brain, right? Always be happy. When you’re trying to make that brain do something different. Because you are making new roads! Make them good ones.

Their scenery will remain the same; the next time you drive down it will be the same scene. So. Make them happy roads.




This is what I mean



You can test this, and imagine for yourself: feel the feel you feel when you remember something you learned in a game you loved. What if everything was like this?

Silly takes practice. These ladies clearly are man enough not to be afraid. But can they do it without these particular clothes, one wonders?

adult preschool

This is not what I mean*


I tell you, I’m the one to, I tell you, can you relearn? I tell you, can you learn it over, put the buildings on a new road? Can you relearn it all?










break the seal

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  1. I would say IKEA, but I’m just not sure that little purple bug was in the original. If not, radiation wonders very much where it came from. She didn’t add it.
  3. I don’t know, some crazy blogger lady



be happy always when you learn, be happy all the time

*ok, ok, it might be what I mean.