It would make sense that something wouldn’t be wrong.



So here’s something: it’s that telepaths don’t make mistakes.

I’s funny, I never really thought about that that way until tonight, but they don’t. I’m thinking back over all the examples I have, and the actual telepaths are never wrong.

Now, some of them are crazy, and not just in the eccentric way. But this other group, these non-telepaths, is sort of always wrong. They can’t seem to come up with much that makes sense. They’re consistent, like you wouldn’t believe. But in a way that they don’t even see.

That’s interesting, isn’t it? I think that’s interesting, the never wrong part. I never thought about it that way. You see, I don’t know if I talked about it much — I think I mentioned it in an earlier recording — that the belief system is the closest to perfection, that I’ve found in a human being. The system itself. And there’s something I wrote out, a long time ago, about the infallibility of belief.*

The conclusion of it was — this is good, it has a nice structure — that human beings don’t actually make mistakes either. It was a bit of a proof of that. It was an attempt, you might say, you could put it as an attempt to prepare humanity for telepathy. Because I think it might be a necessary condition, this infallibility, for running around and mashing minds up against each other.


“What do you do with it?” “No idea, honey.”

Unless, of course, you all get real good at being real quiet. Saying nothing is perfect; no mistakes there.



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