‘Know’ instead of ‘read’: Chinese government admits teaching fake telepathy for 70 years, causing registration crisis

Classism the suspected motive; Thousands affected

Knowers are people who were taught a very limited form of mind reading, basically only how to attack non-mindreaders and to send text messages to each other in their minds.

Since the 1950s or thereabouts, Chinese children have been allowed to learn only a severely limited form of the ancient practice of telepathy. Teaching outside of the very boring government organized venues was forbidden. 

“We haven’t had any details about the training but we can guess based on the results,” said a watcher. “Someone cooked up a scheme to teach a dumbed down version of mindreading to Chinese children. They call it “knowing.” A lot was left out, so that the students would pose no threat to real psychics.”

“It’s like Cliff Notes for telepathy, with one big difference,” said Hankeray Treetop, who has been counseling people who were subjected to the fake mindreading program for over 25 years. “These Cliff Notes are wrong on purpose. They are the Cliff Notes you would give your worst enemy, so they would fail the test.”

Or fall off the Cliff, as it were. 

“Or actually– let me restate that– it’s more like if you wrote Cliff Notes that would hypnotize anyone who read them and turn them into your own personal, very violent sex slave for life.”

Chinese children are given illogical rules to follow and taught how to attack others with their minds. 

“Knowing is a hoax put on by the communist party,” said Treetop. “They didn’t want real mindreaders around, they wanted robots they could control. They couldn’t just make people forget about telepathy, so they taught everyone fake telepathy instead.”

“Back when we were cavemen, there was no mind reading, and then people from India figured it out and spread it around the world on purpose,” said Abowcherbff. “They are very into teaching it. But then someone in Russia decided to try to get rid of it.”

“Whoever came up with the ‘knowing’ system, this fake mindreading that was supposed to replace real telepathy– which the vast majority of Chinese people use as of today– had a sick sense of humor. As well as no regard for humanity,” said Treetop.

“Not just the kind of person who pulls the wings off flies for fun– an even rarer type of person who would figure out a way to trick flies into pulling their own wings off somehow–for fun.

“And then they killed people who tried to keep the real telepathy going– in huge numbers. The Great Terror, the Cultural Revolution, etc.”

The designers of the system clearly wanted two things– unquestioning obedience and a way to really hurt people.

To “Know” – Reliance on an Inner Voice

Chinese children are taught to “know” – to rely on their instincts instead of actual telepathy. 

“They don’t have anything to compare it to,” said Inoh Abowcherbff, a telepath from Antartica who teaches psychics all over the globe. 

“They are in an information vacuum. The teacher says ‘knowing’– which means concentrating and listening inward, into your own mind– is the way to find out what someone’s thinking or doing. So that’s what they do. 

“Problem is, that’s completely untrue. ‘Knowing’ doesn’t work. You can’t find your way out of a paper bag with that crap. It’s a hoax.”

What is Knowing, really? 

“What the children thought was their own ‘knowing’ was really a trick played on them by older, actual telepaths, usually including the teacher and members of the young Chinese elite.

“Anyone who thought faster than the child could broadcast whatever they wanted in the child’s mind, and dress it up as ‘knowing’,” said Treetop. 

“The fact that they kept this a secret is amazing,” said Abowcherbff. “What evil snobs.”

“The majority of Chinese children believe they can read minds by listening closely to a creepy little voice in their heads,” continued Abowcherbff. “This voice is supposed to tell you what everyone else is thinking. 

“It also tells you what to wear, what to say, who is a bad person, whom you should trust, and what to eat for breakfast. It is intended to replace your own thinking, or at least drive you nuts.*

“But they didn’t tell the children it was someone else thinking for them. That would have been sane or even helpful. Instead they told them it was part of their own mind, so they wouldn’t question it.”

People may have questioned it initially, but a lot of them ended up dead. So pretty quickly people stopped questioning it.

“Once you think to question it, there’s clearly something not quite real about knowing,” said Abowcherbff. “It doesn’t make sense that the mind you were supposedly reading would be thinking about just what you wanted to know, or could be made to think about it so quickly, every single time.

“Or that someone else’s mind would so often give you the answer you expect to hear. In fact, those trained to pretend to be your ‘knowing’ are taught to use your own guesses to supply their answers.”

“If you expect the person whose mind you are reading would have a pet, the person pretending to be your knowing, what we call the sneak, will say they do,” said Treetop. “If you expect they don’t, they’ll say they won’t. What most people ‘know’ is mostly made up.”

“If I had to make a comparison, I would say it’s like magic headphones,” said Treetop. “Magic headphones that make you think they are your own ear…but that lie… and give you a little electric shock every time you think for yourself…you know?

“Really it’s like magic headphones that purport to be your own ear, lie, give you a shock every time you think for yourself … and are violent and ultra focused on world domination…you know?”

“Can I make a comparison too?” said Abowcherbff. “It’s like going to a psychic in a strip mall and getting your palm read. Some sneak just tells you what you want to hear, so you’ll come back. The sneak doesn’t even check to see what’s real.”

No exposure to actual telepathy

The “knowing” program prevented generations of would-be telepaths from ever hearing actual thoughts, now colloquially called “Knowers.”

Knowers were taught a very limited form of mind reading, basically only how to attack non-mindreaders and to send text messages to each other in their minds.

“Real thinking sounds just like you would imagine from the movies,” said Abowcherbff. “It’s an ungodly mess and moves quickly. You have to be taught not just how to hear it, but how to interpret and respond to what you hear.” (see post)

Some school systems did cover actual mind reading, which they called “looking” — issuing a trigger thought and listening for the response. But others left it out entirely.

“Looking is more like ‘talking to’ in most cases,” said Treetop. “Reading doesn’t require a trigger thought, it doesn’t require you do to anything. You just sit there and read.”

Because they don’t know what real thinking sounds like, Knowers have no way to identify fake thinking.

“This means pretty much anyone can tell them anything and they’ll believe it,” said Treetop. “And most people have been. I bet we uncover a lot more crap that they were made to believe.”

For example, many Chinese people believe that Americans think in Chinese, because that’s all they hear.

“Actually all Americans have a blend of ethnic origins in their thinking,” said Abowcherbff. “Maybe one of their schoolteachers was Japanese and another was west African, their family comes from Sweden but they live in a majority Latin neighborhood. Then you get Japanese, west African, Swedish and Latin thinking, plus other things they heard in passing.

“Americans switch between ‘languages,’ if you want to call them that, rapidly and readily when they think.”

A pyramid with many levels

Unbeknownst to the average Chinese person, the wealthiest, politically connected Chinese are given a different training entirely, often right in the midst of the fake mind reading classes.

“Parents pay for extra classes where their children can learn to be the ‘knowing inner voice’ of the other children. Then they go back to the regular school to practice,” said Abowcherbff. “Makes you sortof wish you’d known which students those were so you could kick them in the shins at least.” 

Kicking them all in the shins would have been an interesting exercise on many levels, as even the “upper tier” children who were taught mind control were themselves controlled by “upper upper tier” children, and so on.

Each upper class of children was told that there were only two groups — those that didn’t know how to be the “voice of knowing” for others and those that did. Since they were now in the upper class, they never expected anyone trick them and play the part of their voice of knowing.

But above each level was yet another. The inner voice of knowing is never real.

“It took me months to figure out how this could work,” said radiation. “How could you manipulate people this way and not guess that others might do the same thing to you? Then I realized — they just told them another lie. They said there was an in crowd and an out crowd, and that they were in the in crowd.”

Can your own mind lie?

Because most Knowers believe that ‘knowing’ comes from their own minds, they rarely if ever question the information they are fed. But those taught to act as that inner voice were taught to lie.

“They were taught to lie to others and in the same breath taught that no one could lie to them and get away with it, because they would ‘know’ it was a lie.

“And they believed these kinds of contradictions because they just ‘knew’ they were correct,” said Treetop. “The upshot was that they were never to think at all about whether anyone might be lying to them. Who questions their own thinking, especially if you call it ‘knowing’?”

“We have no reason to believe those pretending to be the ‘knowing’ of others are honest with those they control,” said Abowcherbff. “If they wanted to be honest, they could just come out and say who they are. I have a lot of metaphors for it.

The whole thing was predicated on a lie: that the students were listening to thoughts. “It’s not telepathy, it’s chit-chat. Just a lot of talk. They weren’t taught to hear what anyone was actually thinking — they were talking in their heads, and someone was answering them, but also pretending to be them. Chit-chat is fine, but not when it pretends to be telepathy.”

The language barrier

Knowing works much better in China than it does overseas. In China, there is a common language, and everyone can understand pretty much everyone else.

Here in the US however, knowing starts to break down because those passing the messages can’t always understand them.

“You notice people who suddenly develop bad English grammar, or who need time to translate their own thoughts to themselves. This is what happens when the telepath playing the ‘inner voice’ can’t understand the messages it is receiving from other Knowers or can’t understand someone’s inner dialog.”

To those still skeptical about how fake ‘knowing’ is, this is pretty good evidence. Telepaths don’t have any problems with language barriers, because thinking has no language (as us non-telepaths would expect). It is just thought. But chit-chat has to be in some language or the other.

“I have treated quite a few people who appeared to be missing parts of their mind, because their inner dialog on certain topics was in another language and too hard to understand. Those ideas couldn’t be successfully passed from Knower to Knower, so they didn’t get thought.”

Painful criticism

Another interesting observation is that knowing is not always particularly nice.

“For some people it’s like having a hidden cubby in your mind where anyone can hide and yell at you, while pretending to be the collective unconscious,” said Abowcherbff. “That’s one of my metaphors.”

“You are not that critical of yourself, or that angry,” said Treetop. “No one is. If that was coming from your own mind, the insults would never sting. You might criticize yourself, but you cant surprise yourself, and it’s the surprise of an insult that makes it upsetting.”

Physical pain is also a big part of the program. Many students of ‘knowing’ experience physical pain when their ‘knowing’ criticizes them. This pain can be subtle or even overlooked, interpreted as a bad mood instead of artificially tense muscles or uneven breathing.

Making people more similar

Over the years, what had been a real psychic network became just a relay system, with one real telepath operating as a switchboard for maybe 10 Knowers at a time. ”The ‘switchboard’ carries messages from head to head and creates the illusion of telepathy.

We don’t know if those in charge say this was more powerful than the old telepathy or if they just pretend this is how it has always been done– or both**.  But definitely it is completely made up. ‘Knowing’ is nothing like actual mind reading.

What is for sure is that ‘knowing’ is used to make the thinking of Chinese people more consistent. Diversity is intentionally stripped away.

“The more similar people are, the easier it is for a single high-ranking telepath to pretend to be the inner voice of a greater number of people,” said Abowcherbff. “Now there’s a pyramid, with the best psychics at the top and the blindly obedient Knowers at the bottom, and plenty of levels in between, of people who ‘know’ for others but are also controlled by people they don’t notice..” 

“It seems like some people suspect what’s really going on–that this inner voice claiming to be your telepathic power is really just another telepath being a sh*thead***– but many people, especially the younger ones, believe it completely,” said Treetop. “It is pretty tragic, but the story gets worse.”

Brutality and paranoia

It’s hard for us to imagine, but the young Chinese psychics are taught to be brutal. 

“Instructors psychologically abuse the Chinese children quite intentionally, to make them easier to control. Quite a bit of research went into this,” said Abowcherbff. “Family and social ties are looked down upon or intentionally broken. Apparently the world is not a nasty enough place for some people.”

“Kindness is seen as weakness, and any displays of empathy or caring are mocked. The Chinese children are taught the world is a scary, violent place and that they need to be brutal to get by and to get ahead–brutal to each other and especially to any outsiders or people seen as different. 

“The world is pretty Lord of the Flies, in their minds,” she continued. “The stakes are high and the enemy is everywhere. Constant vigilance is required to avoid being pushed out of the in crowd. This keeps them very focused on the directions they are given and pushes our distraction.

“At the same time, there is an incredibly narrow focus. Most of the their thinking is about tiny trivial details, minutia, like whether the bed is made or the dishes are put away, or huge scary abstract concepts like global warfare–and these are made to seem connected somehow. That keeps them in a state of constant terror, and there’s none of the normal stuff that’s in between, neither tiny or huge, like personal goals or normal, relaxed recreation.”

“Quite different from the world you and I live in.”

Taking over the world?

Brutality lessons also increase the children’s effectiveness as human weapons.

“It really is a plot to take over the world, like a cartoon villain would cook up,” said Treetop. “You can imagine what they thought they were creating. An entire country that marched in lockstep and would do anything their ‘knowing’ commanded them to — work themselves to death, turn on an enemy as a group, wear plaid and paisley at the same time–anything. 

“In terms of production and in terms of telepathy, they imagined whoever controlled all these people’s minds would be unstoppable, and they controlled all these people’s minds,” he continued. “Making them believe they were unstoppable. Ahem. And a big part of the plan was making sure the people below them on the pyramid didn’t know anything they could use to question or threaten those above.”

One can imagine Chinese telepaths have been a thorn in the side of the Chinese government for centuries, and that this time the government wasn’t going to leave itself vulnerable.

One can imagine Chinese telepaths have been a thorn in the side of the Chinese government for centuries, and that this time the government wasn’t going to leave itself vulnerable.


What they did decide to teach was how to hurt people and a long list of scenarios in which hurting people was ok or required. Then Chinese fake mindreading was exported to the rest of the world.

“They teach about physical pain, how to distract people, slow them down, things like that,” said Abowcherbff. “A lot about sex. And several large boatloads of weird symbolism.”  (see perverts ate holes in my brain post)

“It’s like the guys from 9/11– they raised some suspicion at their flight class when they didn’t seem to care about how to land a plane,” said Treetop. “In fake mindreading, there’s a lot on how to stop people from thinking, but nothing about how to make them think or help them think.”

In any case what is taught seems to have made many Chinese people terrified and very miserable.

“The U.S. increased Chinese immigration quotas in the 1960s, just in time to import the first batch of fake mindreaders,” said Abowcherbff. “The new style wasn’t just about eradicating traditional Chinese telepathy. They also wanted to create human weapons to use against anyone who stood in the way– dissidents and foreigners, mostly.”

Caches of Human Weapons

The government then formed organized squads of Knowers that are manipulated by anyone who knows how. These squads are like caches of human weapons stashed all over the U.S.

“You can get 200 people to come out and scream at a wad of gum on the sidewalk, if you pay the right guy,” said Treetop. “They’ll scream and mean it. These folks are a real riot.

“They are organized in groups, like volunteer police squads for telepathy,” said Abowcherbff. “Except everyone has to join. They believed they were keeping the peace or at least protecting their own interests. But by manipulating them via their ‘knowing,’ the elite used them to attack Americans, telepathic or not.”

“Because they believe in knowing, many of them not only think they are helping when they hurt innocent people, they are sure that they’re helping and it’s almost impossible to show them otherwise. To them the innocent person is whatever their ‘knowing’ tells them it is–usually some kind of imaginary telepathic criminal, a brain scrambler or purveyor of illegal thoughts.

Gang element

“Some Knowers have a distinct yo-boy thing going on, and embrace being used for violence. It’s easier to embrace when you don’t know you are being used. Not sure how they will feel when they find out they were some old woman’s puppet most of the time, and lining her pockets while they didn’t make a dime,” said Treetop. “They are encouraged to feel that they are being antisocial while at the same time they do everything they are told by their inner voices. It’s another one of those contradictions.”

“Making people feel like they are rebelling is a well-known psychological tactic for getting them to behave,” added Abowcherbff.

“And they go after certain ethnic groups like they were the hotcakes in a breakfast buffet,” said Treetop. “With mixed results.”

“Very powerful criminal gangs have operated in China for centuries,” said U. Tuber, a historian who somehow embedded himself in the discussion. “They kindof were the government before communism, and communism does not appear to have slowed them down. 

“It was these criminals who most likely spread the fake mindreading. There is also a strong connection to Russia, which may be where fake mind reading was originally developed.”

Readers, Knowers, and … Cardboard Boxes?

Many cultures divide the world into two groups: Readers, or telepaths, and non-telepathic people, who are called “Cardboard boxes.”

Knowers are an in-between class of people, with some telepathic skills but who never learned to cannot read thoughts.

Some Knowers will “vault through the mind” in an attempt to hear real thinking (they call this “looking”), but they were never taught to listen to thinking in any kind of sustained way, or to interpret it.

Instead, quite intentionally, Knowers were trained to listen to inner dialog, not thinking–and their own, not the inner dialog of others. They cannot hear when others address them mentally unless someone repeat the message for them.

“I think practicing some sustained listening would be very good for them,” said Abowcherbff. “That’s what mind reading really is. The only way to learn it is to do it.”

“And they would also benefit from opening their own minds up to real Readers,” said Treetop. “As they listen more and are listened to more, these lies should dissolve. That is really the treatment.”


The powers-that-be did a good job keeping the younger generation from learning any of the old telepathy, even taking the time to kill anyone who might try to teach them. 

After just one generation approximately 80% of Chinese telepathy instruction was forgotten, according to measures I completely made up, as Chinese telepathy quickly fell behind that of the rest of the world.

“They didn’t want them to listen, learn to listen, or even try to listen to anyone,” said Treetop. “Now most of them no longer really know that listening is a thing some people do. That is in some sense an amazing success.”

The definition of ‘mind reading’ was even changed to something like “suck-your-brain-out-against-your-will.” “Mind reading” is seen as a dirty word; the magical verb “to know” is preferred. To this day actual telepathy is seen as impolite, gross, dangerous, weird, malicious, scary, impossible, unimportant, stupid, unpatriotic, unnecessary, very difficult, foreign, eccentric, rude, evil, nerdy, peculiar, offensive and just plain useless by most Chinese people.

But the fake mindreading they teach is… fake. At a minimum it raises the question, why should Chinese people be so terrible at telepathy compared with the rest of the world?

“What are people supposed to do, blame themselves?” said Treetop. “This crap probably came from the same ideaology that told African people having sex with a virgin would cure aids, or that African Americans were immune to Covid.

“Advice is a weapon in the hands of the wrong people, and clearly there are some really baddies out there who know how to wield it.”


It’s hard to assess the impact of “knowing” on the world. Many people have been made miserable or worse.

Thinking less

The effort to quash China’s well-respected telepathy arose just before the Cultural Revolution and was driven home by the violence of the Cultural Revolution itself.

The new teaching couldn’t come out and tell people to stop thinking, so it taught that people had to think faster– to make decisions more quickly and decisively. To do otherwise– to ponder or compare notes– was seen as inviting a beat-down.

At the same time the children were taught an encyclopedia of code and symbolism that made them think much more slowly.

The result of those two in combination was what it had to be– everyone thought much less.

Speaking out

People have been trying to get the message out. Last week authorities arrested a man carving the following message into Snickers bars and leaving them all over the place:

what they think of as knowing is really just a hole in their heads where anybody who thinks faster than them can hang out and tell them what to do without them realizing it

If anyone has one of these Snickers bars, please let me know. They are important evidence. Likewise a Kit-kat.

Potentially hundreds of thousands are affected

The revelation exposes a huge problem, hundreds of thousands of Knowers who are aware of mind reading but can’t read minds by themselves.

Radiation has sympathy for their plight.

“It’s like suddenly discovering that we are surrounded by tons of disabled people who are being abused. Luckily in this case the disability is just that they have been fed a pack of lies and it can be reversed.”

The solution on the table is to teach all the Knowers to read minds, which sounds like a daunting task to this author. The obvious thought is to teach them to teach each other, but how long does that take?

“I could teach someone to read minds in about 2 hours,” said Abowcherbff. “I’d need a pina colada and a few young men to help me. To teach someone to teach someone would take about 2 weeks and I’ll find some way to make that fun as well.”

President Biden released a statement to the Knowers late last night: “We understand there were serious abuses and we’re working on the problem. The past is the past, but you are in America now and we’re going to help you.”

Knowers taking a pause

Many Knowers are understandably devastated by the news that knowing is fake.

“I gave them my whole life, pretty much,” said one who chose to remain anonymous. “I did everything they said to and it was all lies. I hurt hundreds of innocent people, including lots of children, just because they said to. Now what?”

Indeed, those who know but can’t read can’t really help keep their community safe.

“Anytime Knowers show up for any kind of conflict, the bad guys are going to pretend to be their inner sight and make them hurt the good guys. That’s what bad guys do,” said Treetop.

For this reason many Knowers are “taking a pause.”

“We can comply with the commands of the inner voice but also acknowledge their true nature,” said Thor Cardgame, another Knower. “It’s not like there is a legal requirement to fly into a violent rage whenever anyone wants us to. It’s more like a compulsion.”

“I’m not going to make a big deal of it, but I’m going to slowly drop all my projects for a couple of weeks. To focus on myself and id anyone who has been thinking for me without my noticing. Maybe later I’ll go back and see what they really had me doing.

“Being aware of being tricked hurts bad at first, but its better to see what’s really going on. I’ll get used to the idea in a few weeks,” he continued. “Meanwhile if you learn how to read you won’t need to know anymore. Knowing is like a crapshoot. Whoever is behind it might tell you the truth, but they also might not.”

Government responses

A secondary concern is that knowing about telepathy without being a telepath is illegal in most states. “The Knowers were never bothered about this, because they believed they were truly psychic. The tests for psychic ability were rigged to be easily faked,” said Treetop.

“But they still won’t be bothered about it. Those tests are tests of knowing– whether the person can and will listen to a creepy inner voice–so the Knowers will still pass and be in compliance in that respect.”

Officials, when asked if Knowers are now considered unattended, agreed that they are not, because they Know. This was seen by many as an admission that knowing is fake.

What can we do

“We’re very lucky that this is a group that is likely to seek additional education, for themselves and for their children,” said Abowcherbff. “Someone will have to set up some kind of school where actual telepathy is taught instead of this dangerous game.”

Until then parents are encouraged draw from other communities to find private tutors for their children. “We know we can be scary,” said one spokesperson for a non-Chinese community group. “But we want to help. We all want the same thing.”

“The Knowers are actually the nicest telepaths,” said another (name). “We’re the ones they couldn’t convince to hurt innocent people. They had to trick us into doing so.”

*Not Grape Nuts

**Because why not?

***Not a footnote

…thinking is just electromagnetic radiation, so radiation is a connoisseur.

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