Public Transport to the Camp in Newport

On ordinary days there are loads of buses that will take you from the Newport Rail and Bus Stations to Tredegar Park Sports Ground.  These go from the Market square and the Bus Station itself.

To get from the Rail Station to Market Square, take a left outside the station.  There will soon be a big round-about in front of you.  You want to go to the right and walk alongside the roundabout, leaving the roundabout on the next  exit, to Upper Dock Street.  If you walk straight along here you will eventually come to the market square where all the bus stops are.

From the bus station, to get to the same place come out of the end of the bus station’s road, turn left onto Corn Street and then the next Right onto Upper Dock Street.  Walk up and you will find the bus stops.  Instead of doing this, some of the right buses go from the bus station or nearby anyway (see below).

At the Market square you can (usually) get the 30, 31c,34,35,36 and 37.

In case of problems, from the Market square its also an easy walk to another bus stop.  Continue away from the station down Upper Dock Street until you can take a left unto Skinner Street (this should be the first left after the bus stops).  Go down Skinner until you hit the riverside, and then take a right.  You will soon see a stop for the X15, X18 and 30, which also go to the right place.

There are two stops near to Tredegar Park.  One is Maasglas (Newport) Park Drive, for the 30, 31A,31C, 34, 35, 37, X15 and X18.  If you are standing outside the BP garage facing outwards, take a left., and walk down to and cross the Ebbw River.  Continue on and you’ll soon see the entrance to the park.

The other is Pont Ebbw, Office of National Statistics (that’s right, the Office of National Statistics) for the 31A, 31C, 34, 35 and 36.  From here it is no trouble: the entrance to the park is on the same roundabout, to the left.

Be aware that, due to the presence of a highly organized band of mass-murderers in Newport, these normal transport arrangements may be disrupted.

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