Workshops and Events at the Camp

All these workshops on the days of action will be held at the peace camp in  Tredegar Park.  Take a look at this list, check the transport info and see what’s going on for yourself.

The planned workshops are only part of the story: there will be loads of stuff going on at the camp all week.  Gigs and unplanned talks will often crop up, and there are rumours about some music in the evening on Thursday.  Come down — the experience of being part of a truly self-organised community is something you’ll remember with a smile.

Sunday: against drones, securitisation and policing

  • 10am to 2pm: (TBC) Legal Observer Training from the Welsh GBC
  • 11am: “Afghanistan” workshop, Maya Evans, Voices for Creative Non-Violence UK
  • 7:30pm: “Gaza: Life beneath the drones” workshop with Corporate Watch

Monday: against austerity, benefit cuts and evictions

  • 11am: “Death to the Bedroom Tax” talk
  • 3pm: “Chelsea Manning” Workshop
  • 4pm (TBC): “worker’s power in under an hour” with the IWW

Tuesday: against racism, prisons and borders

  • 3pm (TBC): “No Borders Morocco” talk.
  • 4pm: “Why No Borders?” Workshop.
  • 5pm: “Why Race Matters?” Workshop.

Wednesday: prepare for action

  • 10am to 2pm (TBC): Legal Observer Training from the Welsh GBC
  • 12 Noon to 1:30pm: “Challenging schedule 7″ with Corporate Watch: the police routinely misuse terrorism act powers to question activists at borders. This workshop will share strategies for coping with police questioning. 
  • 3pm to 7pm: “Public Order Training” skillshare with the Welsh GBC
  • 7pm to 8pm: “Know Your Rights” Q&A with the Welsh GBC
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