Mass action: details

On the first day of the NATO warmongers’ summit we are calling for a mass action to besiege Cardiff Castle where Obama and all the rest of them will be having their banquet.  Arrive at 6pm. See below for details.

Cardiff Castle, a symbol of imperialism, is playing host to an armed alliance of imperialists intent on using their military power to dominate people and resources. They view us as collateral damage or cannon fodder.

Arrive at 6pm. Bring banners, sound systems and rage against NATO. Get as close to Cardiff Castle as you can and gather wherever you find groups of like minded people who oppose NATO.

Wear black in solidarity with the victims of NATO attacks and wear a mask to protect yourself against police surveillance.

Keep watching for updates before and on the day. This will be the best source of information on the action.

In addition to the mass action, for the duration of the summit we are calling for people to form groups and take whatever action they can to disrupt the summit.

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