I am not afraid to make up my own mind

We should not respond to the language of suppression with silence. Your voice is what you have in order to be more than one individual lost in thought.

I am not afraid to make up my own mind.

Support for WikiLeaks is undoubtedly there- it is a rational response to a global situation, a situation where our right to citizenship is becoming increasingly hijacked. But we are not yet visible. On the back of the ‘I am…’ campaign UKFoWL are trying to get support documented. If people see people supporting then, well you know line….

Lets get a historical record going. (click on image):

(another set of amazing @somersetbean graphics!)

Print it. Have your photograph taken with it. Post it on line.

Blog site for hosting your support to follow shortly. Julian Assange is shouldering the weight of responsibility for our freedom. We owe him.

We are here, watching.

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  1. ffmfowl says:

    We’re on it!

    This has all happened very quickly… but here it is:


    The plan is simply to attend the rally in JA masks, under FoWL placards.

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