16th February ’19 – update

*** Gloucestershire police caution for man for hitting 3C sab’ as Beaufort hounds hunt through gardens in Tetbury * North Herefordshire Hunt damage public and private property in Leysters ***

The incident at the Beaufort happened back in December and the man concerned has admitted hitting one of us. The sab’ had a bruise on her chin and is happy with the outcome and with the police acting on the evidence supplied. Of course, if he does it again, he will not get away with a caution again. Hopefully he, and indeed others, will learn, but we doubt it…

As for today, not going to bother will a full report… that sort of day. Suffice to say, an unknown pack came into north Cotswold Hunt country and hunted from Blockley on the Northwick estate, then over to where they practically live. The Heythrop were within spitting distance and it is a wonder that they didn’t crash into one another. Any fox escaping one hunt could have run into the other.

Meanwhile the North Herefordshire Hunt were reported to have shown their arrogance to locals once again. “We were devastated to see the North Herefordshire Hunt & supporters driving quad bikes and vehicles over the emerging daffodils in Leysters today. Despite pointing out the emerging greenery and the ‘warning’ sticks guarding the rows and a call to the Hunt, no-one would remove themselves or take action. The kennel man put the phone down on us. The community raised the money and helped with the planting of 6,000 bulbs to boost native pollinator life and enhance the enjoyment of nature for locals and visitors”.

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