Other Groups and Information

This is not an exhaustive list of other groups, but more of a quick reference guide for more information.

Campaign to Strengthen the Hunting Act is an initiative of Protect Our Wild Animals (POWA) campaign to strengthen the Hunting Act of 2004 by spreading the word about hunting, including using film and lobbying MPs.

Hounds Off is an online resource which helps people to keep the hunt off their land, working with farmers, residents and other landowners, giving free advice to everyone.

Three Counties Wildlife Crime Watch is an initiative we have become involved in as we are knowledgeable of the hunts in the three counties and can answer questions with regards to activity connected with hunts whilst being given any information we need to catch out illegal hunting and so on.

The Hunt Saboteurs Association was formed in winter 1963 and seeks to represent groups of hunt saboteurs across the country, using direct action to stop hunts from killing.

The Independent Hunt Monitors are a collection of people who undertake the monitoring of hunts for illegal hunting activity, mainly using cameras to obtain evidence against them.

The League Against Cruel Sports also use hunt monitoring tactics and campaign against other ‘bloodsports’, racing, snares, shooting and so on.