Raising Awareness

We attend many of the veggie and vegans fairs in the area, including those in Evesham, Worcester and Cheltenham, where we have stalls with leaflets and merchandise, often teaming up with Gloucestershire Badger Office and other wildlife groups from the area to raise awareness of various issues.

Our sab group are very interested in doing stalls at fayres, talks in universities and schools and presentations to organisations. We have spoken in Lush stores, helped set up displays in libraries and organised talks and presentations in colleges. Please contact us for more information or if you know of any fayres or other events which we might be interested in contacting the organisers of.

We have attended the Vale Wildlife Hospital open day a few times too, helping raise awareness about our own work whilst raising money for the hospital as well and hopefully drawing more people to the event!

We also turn up to various other events including country shows and local hunt open days to hand out leaflets, talk to the media, hold banners and talking to those turning up to the events. We don’t have an issue with country fairs in themselves and also attend them ourselves. Maybe one day we’ll have a stall… in the meantime, we’ll just hang out at NFU and hunt tents…

Teaming up with local anti-badger-cull people and Gloucestershire Badger Office we help host public meetings and events such as fundraising bike rides – some locals held a small event in Newent during a fundraising bike ride to raise awareness as to what is going on locally. We may also turn up to fundraising events held by those we campaign against such as hunt balls (though obviously don’t end up buying tickets for those!)

We have written a number of articles on various hunting issues to raise awareness about things like hunt terrierwork and cubhunting. You can find these in other sections of this site. Please let us know if there’s something else you’d like to see!