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Going North, community, and the future

So here we are at the end of a summer of playing politics and street-level democratic dialogue. After the sunny success of Brighton, Democracy Outside headed to Yorkshire for dates with learning disabled activists in Leeds, friends and permaculturists (some … Continue reading

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Sun, sea and speaking up: Democracy Outside in Brighton

On Saturday 30 June, Democracy Outside went to Brighton – and what a day we had! It turns out sunshine (see last post for the observation that bad weather = low voter turnout) and enthusiasm are a great combination of … Continue reading

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Brave Beginnings in Bristol

“Extreme Democracy Outside” was what one of the team called our outing to Bristol on Saturday. The wind and the rain put the kit, the enthusiasm of Bristolians, and the dedication of the instigators to the test – and all … Continue reading

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Burning questions to set Democracy Outside on fire

Just over a week to go until Democracy Outside kicks off in Bristol (Saturday 16th, 2pm at the Harbourside Area opposite the Hippodrome) and at Democracy Outside HQ we’re getting excited – the placards are ready, the leaflets are at … Continue reading

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Can Democracy Be Saved?

Dr Henry Tam, Director, Forum for Youth Participation & Democracy, University of Cambridge and Visiting Professor, Birkbeck, University of London, set out on Question the Powerful how he thinks it can: Should we ever trust anyone with the power to make … Continue reading

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Announcing Democracy Outside (Hot) Dates!

Announcing the DemO 2012 schedule – an odyssey of working class self-organising, temporary autonomous and unautonomous zones, oppression, liberation and revolution… The wait is over, and we have five confirmed dates for the Democracy Outside tour, and each of them … Continue reading

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Politics vs Culture?

How many times have I heard phrases such as ‘let’s take politics out of it for a minute’, or ‘regardless of the politics’, or worst of all (because it comes from politicians) ‘that’s just playing politics’? When did ‘politics’ become … Continue reading

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We are Losing Democracy…

…but Will of @artofactivism says we don’t need to lose heart – together we can bring it back to life We are losing democracy. Like navigation by the stars, eating seasonal food, mending our clothes and walking to the shops, … Continue reading

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democracy reflections – it’s about Doing it Ourselves

oxguin, a DIY tech activist on what recent history can teach us about what democracy isn’t – and what it is Unlike many of my peers, born in the early 1970s, I remember Callaghan being voted out of office. And … Continue reading

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democracy reflections – talking to each other

As he pounds the streets of Oxford, Adam Ramsay has been reflecting on how to get people talking democracy… I have recently been knocking on lot of doors and asking people to vote for me. It’s local council elections in … Continue reading

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