What is Democracy Outside?

Democracy Outside is an interactive public performance about democracy, it makes political movement(s) real, it’s part street theatre & part political action, it blurs the boundaries between ‘art’ and ‘activism’, it challenges apathy and the neutralising of public space – and it’s fun!

But don’t just take my word for it – help me to prove it!

I’m crowdfunding to cover the cost of train tickets to take Democracy Outside to 5 towns around Britain this summer: Bristol, Birmingham, Liverpool, Glasgow and one other…

Check out the Sponsume webpage

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2 Responses to What is Democracy Outside?

  1. mark this says:

    Hi, do you fancy making that other city Newcastle? Some good people and a venue at starandshadow cinema. Give me a shout anytime, Mark.

    • demo2012 says:

      Hi, Newcastle would be great, but my first attempts to find a few people to form the support team didn’t meet with success… email me via the about me page (going up soon) and let’s stay in touch and see what happens with this first tour. Maybe could come in September if not in June / July?

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