Citizens and Goddesses of Democracy Outside

statue of goddess of democracy in Hong Kong at Tienanmen memorial demo

Goddess of Democracy at Hong Kong's annual June 4th Tienanmen memorial demonstration, by Alan Yeh,

The 2012 tour of Democracy Outside is only possible through the collective effort and individual commitment of people who want to find a new way to activate public democratic exchange. These are some of them.

Citizen: A citizen is “one owing allegiance to a state in which sovereign power is retained by the people and sharing in the political rights of those people” – Merriem-Webster

Goddess of Democracy: A statue of the Goddess of Democracy was made and erected in Tienanmen Square during the democracy protests of May – June 1989, which were brutally crushed by the government. A symbol of hope, the Goddess of Democracy is not an external force to whom we pray for a better future, but a symbol of the strength of our ability and determination to re-create democracy.

Donors: Kirsten Bayes, Charisse Baker, Beth Tichborne, Ruth Rosselson, Jennie Bailey, oxguin, Liam Barrington-Bush, Oxford Kevin, Hannah Lewis, Sarah, Kate Rowley, Perry Walker, Julianne Porter, Amanda Riddick, Danny Chivers, Richard Howlett, Deborah, George Roberts, Will McCallum, Louise Livesey, TP808

In-kind supporters: Pete Speller (graphics), Alex Allmont & Jo Kernon (photography)

Democracy Outside is also supported using public funding by the National Lottery through Arts Council England.

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