Excited, thrilled, humbled, grateful – and nervous

It’s been a week since the DemO2012 Sponsume crowdfunding website went live, and I’m feeling… thriled, excited, humbled, grateful – and slightly nervous!

Thrilled that so many people – some who have and some who haven’t played Democracy Outside – think this is a wonderful idea and want to support it. Excited that the idea of touring Democracy Outside, born at Earth Activist Training 2011 in Devon, is really going to happen. Humbled by the level of interest and support for the project, and grateful to everyone who has so far pledged time and money to make the DemO 2012 tour a reality. Thank you to all the Citizens and Goddesses of Democracy Outside – namechecked here. Thank you to Bright Green Scotland for publishing my explanation of why we need Democracy Outside. Thank you to Pete Spellar for helping to make the animation on the Sponsume website, and to Alex Allmont, Jo Kernon, bobaliciouslondon (flickr), darkroomdaze (on flickr) and matthewwilkinson (on flickr) for photos here and in the Sponsume animation.

And I’m feeling very slightly nervous because now it’s going public, I’m going to have to pull this off!

The planning so far…

Tour dates are all in June and July at the moment, with Bristol, Birmingham and Glasgow in June, Manchester and Liverpool in July.

Teams are lining up in each city – Edd Bauer and co in Birmingham; local activists and students from the University of West England in Bristol; feminists and artists in Glasgow; an assortment of performance poets, vegan cooks, and queer activists in Manchester; and the Free University of Liverpool (in Liverpool).

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