Hit report 21/1/17

Hit report 21/1/17

We teamed up with our friends from Cheshire Hunt Saboteurs Lancaster Huntsabs and Fylde Hunt Saboteurs to pay a visit to the Cheshire Forest hunt to were meeting at Boden Hall near the village of Smallwood. We also came across Cheshire Monitors who had managed to keep tabs on 2 hunt that day (please check-out their page for more details).

We arrived just after the hunt had sets off and came across huntsman Andrew German with hounds all over the busy A50, hounds were running into the road from both side, causing vehicles to stop right in view of the on-looking police who did nothing, which kind of set the tone for the day. The huntsman then headed back into the Boden hall estate and sabs entered via a public footpath to find the hunt stood around scratching their head, it almost looked as though they were hiding. After a few minutes to hunt decided to leave the hall grounds and travel up the road for what seemed like an eternity, showing why some refer to the Cheshire Forest hunt as the “Tarmac hunt”. Sabs managed to keep up with the hunt despite the attempts of the supporters to block the roads.When the hunt finally saw grass again sabs were on hand to turn back the hunt when hounds went into cry. Resulting in Mr German hitting the road again.

Andrew German was seen on numerous occasions off his horse attempting to flush woodlands and hedge rows but sabs were always on hand to turn the frustrated huntsman back. Many times the hounds went into cry only for sabs the intervene with the use of the gizzmo.
At one point somebody claiming to be a landowner made a complaint too the police about the use of citronella being sprayed by the sabs. Turns out he wasn’t even the landowner and at this point a local landowner did turn up to inform the police of the hunt trespassing and also had video evidence of the hunt admitting to chasing foxes. Obviously the police were not interested in what the hunt were upto and instead took sides with the hunt. Even when the terrier man was pulled for riding up and down the A50 with a child on his one seater quad, the police accepted he was insured to carry more that one person on a one seater vehicle. The police today showed a complete

ignorance to the law. Which only got worse as the day went on.

As sabs when to check if the hunt were packing up the hound van in Boden hall they were soon stopped by police who had taken upon themselves to act as the hunts private security. The police started making up their own laws and even resulted to pushing sabs around. Or maybe they had read how to deal with pesky sabs in their copy of ‘PC Claire Fords hand guide to being a pro hunt copper’. Either way the actions of the police really highlighted their incompetence, and this only a few months from a proposed badger cull in Cheshire….. eeeekkkk this could be awkward for Cheshire police…..

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