Hit report 24/1/17

One of our sabs headed out today to meet up with our pals from Cheshire Sabs and N.S.A.B.S to pay a visit to the North Shropshire hunt who were meeting at Shrawardine Castle in Shrawardine near Nesscliffe. On arrival it came apparent we’d come across a joint meet, pardon our ignorance we can’t credit their ghastly guessed but this was a new area and hunt to us and they didn’t introduce themselves to us, a bit rude we know, but the hunt were rather polite on a whole so we didn’t want to embarrass them on their poor etiquette.

Straight from the off hounds went into cry and had chased a fox to ground in a small wooded area near to the entrance of Shrawardine Castle sabs were on scene to move on the hunt to prevent a dig out as the hounds marked to ground. One of the huntsmen was quite comical as he was nearly thrown from his horse claiming sabs had caused his near accident though video will prove otherwise. The hunt headed through Shrawardine Castle ground and towards Folly Farm, sabs turned up as the hounds once again went into cry. This time sabs needed in intervene with the use of the gizmo to great effect, taking the hounds off the scent of the fox, taking control of most the pack and a few others scattered. With sabs all over the hunt the hunt came to the decision to go into hiding and headed into the M.O.D base. Somebody claiming to be a landowner from Shrawardine Castle told sabs she’d call the CaptainĀ from the military base should sabs entry and that the M. O. D had given the illegal hunt permission to use the land. Sure enough sabs were followed around the the military land by not one but two helicopters, at least one of them was a police helicopter and circled sabs before landing in the next field, we didn’t stick around to see what they wanted though we suspect they were just protecting their hunty friends. A further two police cars were now parkedĀ up at the hunt meet, though didn’t bother talking to sabs. The day kind of fizzled out a bit with hounds and the huntsman rather quiet and packed up around 4pm as sabs stayed near by to see the hounds leave.

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