Flint and Denbigh hunt 4/1/20

Flint and Denbigh hunt whipper-in Jay Reardon recklessly ditched his horse and entangled the horse in barb wire
Flint and Denbigh hunt whipper-in Jay Reardon recklessly ditched his horse and entangled the horse in barb wire
Flint and Denbigh hunt whipper-in Jay Reardon recklessly ditched his horse and entangled the horse in barb wire

Hit report 4/1/2020
With some of our sabs heading to Staffordshire and Cheshire in search of illegal hunts the rest of us headed towards Cefn Meiriadog where we came across “The nowhere left to Hunt” who also call themselves the Flint and Denbigh hunt although the Cefn and Trefnant hunt would suit them better being the only places they seem to go. It mustn’t be hard deciding on the meet card, heads it’s Cefn, tails it’s Trefnant.
Not long after we arrived everyones favourite community councillor turned up Johnathan Edwards De Pfeffel Lloyd-Ellis and he was soon back in the grove of things heading to the nearest police car to give them the morning briefing. The hunt set off at a fast pace which is very unusual for this lot who usually just sit on horses in boggy fields. There were cries of you’re trespass and police flashing blue lights as sabs gave chase, we’re not sure what that was all about. As we tried to make up ground on the fast moving hunt we came across a horse in a ditch, the horse belonging to whipper-in Jay, we’ve told you about Jays dangerous matter of riding a few times before. Jay had attempted to jump a hedge and came a cropper as his horse had hit the fence post and became entangled in barb wire. You can judge for yourselves but we feel Jay shouldn’t have been attempting this jump. We offered to help get the horse out the ditch, the hunt said they didn’t need help but could we hold one of their horses, Jay was quite humble for once thanking sabs. The horse did get back to its feet and the whipper-in changed horses. Lets hope the fallen horse didn’t suffer any injuries.
With jay lagging behind the now seemed to fall to pieces, it was as if they were sabbing themselves. Hounds briefly went into cry in a woodland and the fox bolted across fields witnessed by sabs, as footsabs got closer the hounds started to speak again as they picked up on the line of the fox at which point sabs were close enough to use the gizmo. As the hounds ran towards the gizmo it became apparent the pack had already split as only 3 stray hounds came over. Only about 30mins into the hunt and stand in huntsman Nigel Cox had lost his hounds. That’s pretty much all the hunting that took place today as the rest of the day was spent looking for lost hounds. We had spotted around 10 hounds scattered all around the Cefn and Wigfair area. The police were rather concerned about a broken wing mirror on our sab vehicle, shame they weren’t as concerned when they witnessed a hunt vehicles break the mirror and drive off. The police also witnessed driving offences by the hunt but took no action. At once point a hunt vehicles deliberately swerved and splashed mud and water at sabs. The polices response was well I’ve had a word with him. Once again the hunt were illegally using quads of a public highway witnessed by police, we don’t expect any action will be taken. By 1.30pm the Flint and Denbigh hound search was down to just 5 riders including the huntsman and whipper-in. They spent another hour and a half bumbling around looking for stray hounds before heading back to the kennel with long faces. The hunt did an amazing job of sabbing themselves today‚Ķ Well done hunt!

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