Operation Yarder. Jan 2020

Toby Dunn has turned into a nasty little twat
Toby Dunn has turned into a nasty little twat

The Flint and Denbigh hunt under the guidance of huntsman Nigel Cox and first whip Jay Reardon really don’t give a toss. Nigel Cox is only here till the end of the season then the hunt will be searching for another huntsman once again. Whereas former huntsman Jeremy Reed was particularly paranoid about being caught illegally hunting, Cox blatantly hunts right in front of us as if the hunting act does not exist. We believe they’ve killed at least 3 foxes this season with us there but each time it has been in thick overgrown brambles making it impossible to retrieve the body. New first whip Jay Reardon is a nasty little boy, you only have to look at the barbaric blood sports he supports on his facebook account. Jay Reardon has ridden his horse at us numerous times this season, the police are aware of this but as of yet nothing has happened. It’s only a matter of time this cocky little boy seriously hurts somebody and the police can’t say they weren’t warned. The second whip Toby Dunn who we thought was the more placid of the two is going to same way with his aggressive behaviour, riding at sabs and making threats.

Jay Reardon riding at a sab

Not only are North Wales police aware of the illegal hunting and the reckless riding but we’ve also reported assaults and threats to them. True to Operation Yarder to police have done sod all… well apart from try twist the solid evidence and once again try stitch up sabs. There were incidents reported to the police by us in October which was the first full meet of the season, these incidents occurred just after a fox had been killed. Yet North Wales police have not taken our statements and instead are trying to stitch us up on absolutely ridiculous jumped up charges. There’s some really nasty officers within Denbigh police station, and tbh our Police crime commissioner Arfon Jones is no better, well what do you expect from a freemason, doesn’t want to upset his hunting buddies down at the freemason lodge does he. According to a DS from North Wales police an officer who is under investigation for the IOPC for bias harassment and perverting the course of justice does not need to declare a conflict of interests whilst dealing with the people he’s allegedly previously stitched up. The investigation could take years and in the meantime the officer can just continue in his deceitful ways. Just last week we had to call the police for our own safety as we were getting ridden at and assaulted, the police turned up and told us it was our own fault. The police were shown footage and completely denied what we just shown to them.

North Wales police
Operation Yarder.

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