Flint and Denbigh illegal hunting

Another illegal gathering of more than 30 as the Flint and Denbigh hunt chased foxes (on film) and North Wales police made up their own laws called “Bubbles”…….

Hit report 26/9/20 cub hunting.

The Flint and Denbigh hound trailer was seen leaving the kennels at 2.05pm which is rather strange given that the meet was at 3pm at Green Isa Trefnant only a 5 minute drive away, it would appear that they thought by getting there early they could avoid sabs……

Not long after we arrived in Trefnant the police turned up, and after last week actually seemed like they were going to do something. The 2 officers confirmed the hunt had been spoken to regarding social gathering and police were even trying to count the people there, so far so good… The hunt had used 3 different parking places to make it look like there was not so many out. It was clear this meeting with hunt staff, riders, terrier men and supporters had once again exceeded the maximum of 30 people that can gather outdoor in Wales. Somebody who was wearing a green bib with the words “Trail liar” sorry “Trail layer” riding up and down the road confirmed to us that they had yet to lay any trails, presumably they meant today but the truth is they never have. Not long later and the hunt set off from Green Isa and put the hounds along the dismantled railway line which they are fully aware that there’s foxes there. Toby the whipper-in sat on his horse watching the field for any foxes that might be flushed. Just as Toby left his point a fox was witnessed running across the field back in the direction of Green isa. As a sab walked over to for a closer look at what they were up to, the huntsman had the hounds in brambles at the edge of the dismantled railway line, the hounds then entered to field in search of the fox, the hounds picked up the line of the fox that had run across the fields a couple of minutes earlier, remember the “trail liars” had already told us they’d not laid any trails and infact had headed in the opposite way to where the hunt had. The hounds went into full cry on the line of the fox and we were unable to call them back with our gizmo on this occasion. The hounds ran into a wooded area next to Green isa (where the hunt had set off from minutes earlier) As a sab approached the hounds a fox bolted from the wooded area and ran back towards the dismantled railway line, the hounds were only a few feet behind and the excited whipper-in was now back in the field. The fox ran through the fence and back into the brambles along the dismantled railway line with the hounds right behind, a sab tried getting between the fox and the hounds and tried called them off, this was in front of the huntsman and the whipper-in but neither made any attempt to call the hounds off. We believe this fox was lucky and may have avoided the hounds. Video to follow and to be submitted to our rural crime team to ignore. As the rest of the riders turned up it was clear now that more than 30 had gathered together at this event and the police were called regarding the illegal gathering and the illegal hunting that we had just filmed….. Unfortunately the police were now not as keen as the 2 officers that we saw just minutes earlier appeared to be. The police made up their own laws claiming that the hunt were in “Bubbles” despite the law for gathering in Wales saying no more that 30 can meet, it’s pretty simple to understand, it’s clear the police cannot be this stupid so we can only put it down to corruption. The officer on the phone even claimed the hunt were trail hunting, but when she was told we had filmed them illegally hunting her response was well I’m not here to talk about hunting laws.

As the hunt galloped off across fields in search of the fox we lost them for a while, there were more police in the area by now but they didn’t appear to be doing anything. We found the hunt again back in the same place on the dismantled railway line trying to put the hounds back onto the fox, which suggests to us it did escape the first time. By now there was a large amount of riders not socially distancing in the field next to the dismantled railway line by Green Isa…. A police car has driven down the driveway to Green Isa, for what we don’t know? Tea or Coffee presumably. They failed to pick up on the scent of the fox this time and headed off crossing a main road and heading into fields right behind peoples homes, do they not understand decent none animal abusing people do not want to witness this, particularly from their own windows. It was the same old story as the hunt blatantly attempted to flush foxes, putting hounds in to areas that were clearly impossible for someone on horseback to enter to lay a trail, the huntsman used voice calls to unsettle foxes as the whips stood on-point to send any foxes that might be flushed straight back to the hounds. And the terrier men were never too far away ready to assist in digging out and releasing of foxes. They took the hounds along the river bank knowing fully well they are not welcome on the other side the river. As they headed back towards a farm that some of the riders had park at, some of the fields riders started to pack up. By now the hunt had masked men following our only sab in the field, the masks preferably to hide their identity if any assaults were to take place, they must think we don’t remember them. It just goes to show the impact we are having when a hunt needs to bring in thugs to combat 2 sabs, one driving our vehicle and the other in the field. The hunt were now using not only thugs but hunt supporters to block public footpaths to prevent the sabs getting close to the hounds who were now in cry in a woodland at the side of the farm. The hounds were going in and out of cry for around half an hour, we cannot say whether they killed or not at this point. When the huntsman finally reappeared out the woodland it would seem he had once again lost half his pack of hounds. The huntsman rode off heading back towards where the hound van was parked up leaving Toby the whipper-in to try gather lost hounds. Loose hounds were all over the road an offence in itself. Hunt supporters Alex and Liam tried intimidating our sabs on a public road but unfortunately for Alex and Liam they are not very scary.

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