Flint and Denbigh at Kinmel Estate

Hit report 28/11/30
Flint and Denbigh hunt Kinmel Estate, St.George.

The hunt had stood us up all week and hadn’t left the kennels, could have been through embarrassment after being all over the news this week. But today they had no shame. They seemed very twitchy that morning and sent horse boxes in all directions trying to send us the wrong way to the meet, a strange wheeze indeed considering they only have about 3 possible meets they could have been at and we are sure the leaked webinar has done their popularity no good. With the hunt playing silly buggers the huntsman himself and the hound van arrived at the meet late. The numbers seemed fewer than the previous 4 Saturday meets when this hunt clearly broke the gatherings rule of 30. Unfortunately covid laws were broken again as last seasons huntsman Nige Cox had travelled to North Wales from Derbyshire. As the hunt tried to draw every woods and copse they could find in the Kinmel Estate sabs were right there with them. There was quite a large police presence today including protest liaison officers and the lesser seen rural crime team. The police were quite friendly apart from PC C Jones who witnessed the hunt blocking the public highway for 20 minutes on horseback before telling sabs to move their vehicle the second the hunt had moved off, maybe he couldn’t see the 2 hunt supporter vehicles deliberately blocking the road further down? Around 2pm the hunt left Kinmel Estate and crossed a dangerous main road to Glas Coed, as they entered the fields the hounds picked up on the scent of a fox. The hounds jumped the fence into some scrub land in full cry, it appeared they may have killed at first, the huntsman making no attempt to call the hounds off the scent. Sabs investigated the scrub land and found no dead body, so it would appear there was no kill. The terrier men were right on the scene which raises the question why they always seems to be there when the hounds are onto a fox? The hunt then moved off at speed and hounds were heard in cry once again as we ran towards the direction of the hounds we’d been cut off by a river so had to turn back, we are unsure of the outcome of the hounds being in cry on this occasion. Local told us of their disgust at a fox hunt being in their area, the hunt sure do have no shame. As we followed down the road there was a car smash, a car of 5 men had a collision with a transit type van and it was getting quite heated, one of the hunt supporters went to try find the police as sabs tried to calm the situation down. The hunt had gotten away from us now with the road being blocked, we had to make a big diversion. We did relocate the hunt on the back roads of Bontnewydd but by now they were heading back in the direction of the kennels at Cefm Meiriadog. With daylight fading the hunt packed up at around 4pm.

The sabs are closing in on Flint and Denbigh huntsman Robert Medcalf

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