Flint and Denbigh cause chaos in Cefn

Hit report 12/12/20


The Flint and Denbigh hunt met at Cefn Estate again, it must be as boring as hell for their members. There was a large police presence in the tiny village, this is how the police have to spend their Saturdays at an illegal fox hunt rather than be focusing on other crime. The riders set off to go meet with the huntsman who already had his hounds in a thickly overgrown copse that clearly nobody could have laid a trail through (trail now more commonly known as a smokescreen)
As sabs approached a fox bolted from the copse just meters ahead of the sabs, we sprayed the line of the fox with citronella, the whipper Toby was stood on point and the fox ran straight passed him, Toby admitted to seeing the fox, due to sabs being in the right place at the right time they decided against pursuing this fox. The hunt had also managed to flush two deers which is becoming quite a theme for this hunt. Rumbled by sabs the hunt moved on, the hunt support were getting a bit irate telling a farmer he should set his dog on us then encouraging him to run us over. The hunt then crossed the road to Coed y Esgob with sabs still with them as they then headed West. With plenty of sabs and independent monitors in the area this was just the start of what was going to turn out to be a frustrating day for the fox killers. The hunt then heading to an area they call The Bryn before taking an unusual route towards Glascoed to try shake off the sabs, again this didn’t work out for the hunt. The huntsman took the hounds down along the river Elwy as riders watched on from the top of the hill, the terrier men off their quads were searching in the overgrowth which is something you would not see on a legitimate “trail hunt”. The frustrations was showing as head terrier man Smith reverted back to making inappropriate remarks to female sabs. The hunt then headed back to the area known as The Bryn but by now they had managed to chase cattle through a field and a flock of heavily pregnant sheep onto the road. One of the sheep was lame and lagging behind panting trying to keep up with the rest of the flock. The hounds back on The Bryn had picked up on the scent of a fox as sabs attempted to pull the hounds back. They spent a while at The Bryn but by now tbe whole event was chaos. Whipper Toby who had already had a telling off from the huntsman admitted he’d lost the hunt and didn’t know where the huntsman was. Sheep on The Bryn had become tangled in brambles as they fled the hounds in fear. Locals had come out of their homes furious at the hunt who had trespassed through gardens scaring family pets. Hounds were all over the place even the police could not believe what they were seeing. One local told us “you have more support around here than you could ever imagine”. The huntsman took the hounds back through another woods behind the village hall and back in the direction of the kennels, we’ve no idea where the whipper was by now. As the hounds heading towards the kennels they flushed another deer and started to give chase and once again we had to intervene. The huntsman then headed to the kennels with hounds, well more like half a pack of hounds. But then the huntsman headed back out the kennels with his hounds probably in search of the rest of them or in search of his lost whipper Toby. We stayed in the area until we were sure they were packed up.

Flint and Denbigh hunt huntsman Robert Medcalf with nowhere left to hide.

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