Coed Coch Cubbing

Hit report 7/9/21

After spending yesterday in the Shropshire cull zone, and all of last night for some of our sabs it was another early morning start in search of the Flint and Denbigh hunt who were out illegally fox cub hunting at 7am at Coed Coch Estate in Dolwen.

The hunt had made the unusual decision to hunt on the lower ground rather than head for the hills, the reason why came apparent later in the day. There wasn’t much excuse for what the hunt could be up to with all the telltale signs of cub hunting. Riders were stood on point awaiting foxes to be flushed in their direction whilst Metcalf the huntsman sent the hounds into thick overgrowth that you couldn’t even walk through let alone lay trails even if you tried. At the bottom of the valley the terrier mans quad could be heard along with voice calls to attempt to spook out any foxes that may have been seeking cover. With the riders still stood on point the huntsman rode down into the valley, closely followed by sabs. A lot of citronella spray was used to cover up the scent of any foxes. At which point the big mouthed terrier man dropped them in it once again (that’s twice in 2 meets) when he radioed through to the huntsman “here in the left corner” obviously referring to whereabouts of the fox they were searching for. The terrier man continued to make a burring sound, a tactic used to unsettle foxes who have taken cover. Very soon after, the hounds picked up on the fox and were in full cry and pursuit of the fox through the overgrowth. More spraying citronella, the sound of whips cracking and our pre recorded horn calls seemed to have brought the fox enough time to escape as sabs witnessed the fox fleeing on another hill in the distance (video to come). Unfortunately the terrier man also saw the fox fleeing and the hunt all headed in that direction. We jumped in the sab van and drove around to where we had seen the fox heading, and sure enough the hunt arrived at the same time. The hunt sent to hounds through a small woodland in an attempt to find the fox but to no avail. The hunt crossed a couple of roads and tried again but still no fox. The forgetful hunt had forgotten to alert the police that they’d be out hunting today, just as they had last Saturday…. always willing to help we called the police out for them who witnessed the hounds in cry for themselves. The baking Sun was having an effect and hounds seemed to be struggling, the huntsman seemed to blow for home with some of riders already left. A landowner who rides with the hunt then approached the huntsman with the huntsman saying “Well we did try, we’ll try again sometime” absolutely referring to the fox they attempted to kill and explaining why they were down in the lower ground today.

Flint and Denbigh stood on point

Every one was heading back to the meeting point to pack up, well so we thought…. as the huntsman put the hounds into another woodland once again they were in cry after picking up the scent of a fox. Some sabs followed the huntsman and hounds along a path through the woods whilst another sab followedcto see what the whipper-in was up to…. at that point another fox was spotted in a field where the whipper-in had headed. Fortunately the hounds seems to again have lost the scent of the fox. The hunt gave it one last try but couldn’t pick up on a fox or indeed shake off the sabs. Clearly the terrier men were frustrated as the passenger illegally riding on the back of the one seater quad flung mud at our vehicle as he headed for home.

hounds prefer hunt sabs

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