Wynnstay Cubbing Sabbed.

HIT REPORT 2/10/21Joined by our friends Derby Hunt Saboteurs we paid an early morning visit to the Flint and Denbigh hunt…. but lo and behold they were still at their grotty kennels, presumably they were going on an evening meet. Whilst checking out a few local areas we got a tip off that the Wynnstay hunt were in the Marchwell area, now if you’ve been following Cheshire Monitors you’ll know the Wynnstay killed a fox on Tuesday and have been out everyday since…. so it would have been rude of us not to drop in.

Sabs on the Wynnstay hunt

We arrived in the Marchwell area just after 9.30 and located the horseboxes, but not far down the road we came across young whipper Jay (formally of the Flint and Denbigh stood on-point on the road at the edge of a maize field with blood thirsty supporters looking on. The whipper Reardon looked rather shocked to see us. Sabs walked up the edge on the maize field towards the horn calls of the huntsman, terrier men informed sabs they were trespassing…… talk about stating the obvious. The huntsman was making a burring sound to try unsettling any foxes that had taken cover…. On realising he’d been caught the huntsman rounded up his hounds and headed straight back to the meet along with Flint and Denbighs former huntsman Jezza Scatterpack Reed and packed up.We then headed back to the Flint and Denbigh in anticipation of their evening meet but once again they weren’t out!

Wynnstay hunt terrier man

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