Cub hunt in Cefn.

Hit report 5/10/21The Flint and Denbigh hunt didn’t go to the usual bother of trying to hide from us this morning, horseboxes started turning up at 7am and parking next to Ceft Meiriadog village hall in full sight, shortly after joined by the huntsman and hounds, everybody seemed unusually jolly with Toby joking have we brought our waterproofs, Greengrass wishing us a good morning and even sour face Shepherd saying hello…. all a little odd really.

sabs at the meet of the Flint and Denbigh hunt in Cefn Meiriadog

The hunt set off at 7.30am and immediately tried to give us the slip, heading into the Cefn estate then turning back and heading up the road to Bontnewydd. The huntsman allowing his hounds to run all over the road in front of cars as they headed up the hill. The hunt then headed into the woods at Coed y dafarn and at the top the hounds went into cry. Sabs used voice calls and a gizmo to create enough confusion that the hounds lost the scent of the fox. Rob the terrier man wasn’t best please as he made accusations that we were calling the hounds onto a road, despite being in a field nowhere near a road. Then the hunt headed back down onto the road (you know, those roads they claim we call hounds onto) They they entered another woods near Nant y Craig, and this was pretty much the area we stayed in all day. If felt like we did miles and miles in pouring rain and strong winds just going in circles. The niceties had gone by now with lots of claims of trespassing, Shepherd in particular had a bee in her bonnet about something. The hounds occasionally picked up on a scent as we went round and round but kept losing it as the rain hammered down.By 9.30am the hunt only had 4 field riders left out, the terrier men Rob, Rob Jnr and Wilson were getting more angry as they illegally rode their quads on a public road… a one seater quad with 2 aboard and no visible number plates, no wonder Rob tried to hide his face. It was hard to tell what the hunt were upto by now, hounds everywhere, the huntsman trying to hunt on with only half a pack as whipper Toby tried rounding up the other hounds and whipper Wilby looking as confused as ever. But still they wouldn’t pack up…. with all the riders gone Greengrass tried to help collect hounds but as he picked up a hound and threw the hound into the back of his mule buggy he slammed the boot on the leg of the hound, no doubt causing injury. It was 11.30 now and the huntsman was down by the Kennels with Toby not far behind him but it would seem nobody had told Wilby it was packing up time. Wilby was still up near Nant y Craig seemingly doing nothing as hounds run around in every direction. We couldn’t quite figure out what Wilby was meant to be doing and tbf neither did he. After around 20minutes of just sitting on his horse he then decided to actually call the hounds in and headed back to the kennels.Thank you for all your kind donations, you can donate directly to us on this link below.

sabs on the hill in Bontnewydd

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