HIT REPORT 29/10/21THE FLINT AND DENBIGH HUNT BROUGHT THEIR OPENING MEET A DAY EARLY EARLY TO TRY AVOID US…. BUT GUESS WHAT?The Flint and Denbigh hunt changed the day of their big opening meet of the season to today instead of Saturday as they wanted to avoid us. We’ve sure they all thought this would be a “terribly good wheeze” but unfortunately for the F&D sabs are awfully cunning too, we double guessed they’d try something and found them turning up at Plas Heaton estate Trefnant shortly after 10am together with members of the Wynnstay hunt and even a visitor from Derbyshire in the form of their ex huntsman Old Cox.

chaos on the A525

The “smokescreen” also know as “trail layers” left the meet onto the busy A525 and headed towards Denbigh Green, and area the hunt didn’t actually go to until around 3pm…. it would take a lot of imagination to believe that rag they drag being them could leave a scent on the ground for 4hrs in the torrential rain. The hunt themselves didn’t go the way of the “smoketrail screenLayers” or whatever they call themselves now? But headed into Plas Newydd estates. With one of the whips stood on-point on the main road causing all sorts of danger for the passing public the hunt immediately started to hunt a fox. The hounds picked up on a scent, the terrier men were trying to hunt the hounds on, but on realising we were onto them whipper-in Toby went over to tell them to shut it, huntsman Medcalf once again showing his annoyance at his staff for blatantly being caught on film.

Relentless sabs on the Flint and Denbigh hunt

They moved on to the next woodland fully aware it was very likely foxes would be in there, but again sabs were on them to keep them moving on. The hunt then crossed the Upper Denbigh Road into Plas Heaton estate with the terrier men blocking the road and stopping traffic to allow the hunt to cross, we are not sure since when the soft underbelly were allowed to act as traffic control but on their illegal quad they seemed to think they could. On the Plas Heaton side of the road in a coppice the hounds picked up on another scent but in doing so managed to flush a deer across the Upper Denbigh Road, we informed the huntsman of his reckless behaviour and he did gather the hounds and headed towards Cau Drain farm. At the woodland at the top of Cau Drain they did briefly pick up on another scent before moving off at speed towards the woodland at Plas Heaton estate. The hounds were in cry for quite a while in the thick overgrown of the woodland, and when a loan sab filmed the fox fleeing the hunt got a bit angry pushing her as she tried to climb a gate fully aware she had filmed the fox and ruined their fun. The hunt rounded up the hounds and headed back over the Upper Denbigh Road and back into Plas Newydd estates. By now it was complete chaos with hounds and horses all over a main road, it appeared like the police had to block off the road before this hunt caused an accident.

terrier men acting as traffic control

In Plas Newydd and they picked up on another fox, the terrier men radioed through giving directions to the hunt as to which way the fox had run “It’s 100 yards in front of you!”. The hunt then changed their direction again and again crossing a main road and headed to a woodland between Henllan and Bontnewydd. Sadly for the hunt sabs were always with them and we could see how annoyed they were getting. The hunt traffic had caused the narrow lanes to be blocked, but obviously they blamed sabs. The big hard terrier man getting into the face off our driver and threatening to move our vehicle himself!! 2.15am and some of the riders were packing up and the hunt headed into Plas Newydd where they had set off from…. but they still hadn’t had their fix. They rode out again crossing to A525 and through Tudyn Lunt farm before heading down to the dismantled railway line on Denbigh Green. But once again the relentless sabs were all over them.

Rob Smith the soft underbelly

The hunt move on to Perthewig Woods, the whipper-in stood on-point at the edge of the wood the hounds once again went into cry, not only the hounds but terriers could be heard in the woods. The fox bolted from the woods across a bridleway right in front of the hunt supporters and into a coppice on the otherside. Sabs sprayed citronella used voice calls and gizmos to create enough confusion to buy to fox a few vital seconds to flee the hounds. The hunt attempted to hunt on but again sabs were always on hand. The hunt rode off the try hunt one last time but as soon as sabs caught up they called it a day. A land owner asked to to stop sprayed and even we asked her to stop illegally hunting she admitted it to us! Saying “It’s pest control”. Another win for the sabs!We’ve have severe vehicle problems and are desperate for a new vehicle to carry on our work. Thank you so much to everyone who has donated and shared our link so far. Your help is vital to us


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