Flint and Denbigh hunt foiled again

HIT REPORT 19/10/21

They’re a funny bunch of bumpkins are the Flint and Denbigh hunt, they’ve now started to make up new hunt meets to try make it look like they have more than 3 place left to go. This morning they met somewhere between Bontnewydd and Henllan, basically just up the road from their kennels again…. We are sure the members will be requesting a refund. The hunt stayed in the same woodland all morning, the supports parked up in a field not seeing much, and the hunt riders just sat on their horses as the huntsman hunted the woods.

Using the Gizmo, a terribly good wheeze

We entered Coed y Trap woodland on the same track the huntsman had gone in at. As we closed in on the huntsman the hounds had started to pick up on a scent, deer were seen fleeing and the hounds had gone quiet before the huntsman gathered them in. The few riders that were out were now on the road, so we when back down the track to catch up. At this point 2 riders in green bibs with the words “Line Layers” when up the track solely for our benefit, very odd the people supposedly laying trails would then lay trails after the huntsman had already left. One of the trail layers was a child, surely should have been in school on a Tuesday rather than being used to create a smokescreen for illegal hunting?

The field riders looped back and were now once again stood on-point on a hillside together with the hunt supporters, where they spent the rest of their morning. Hounds went into cry and ran off at speed the whipper-in was seen riding down the road in Henllan presumably looking for the hounds. We relocated the huntsman still in the Coed Y Trap. The hounds were occasionally picking up on a scent but were not able to keep on it. As the hounds picked up on another scent and headed in our direction it would appear in was a deer they were hunting, we managed to call the pack off the line of the deer and take control of them using prerecorded horn calls. When we finally let the huntsman have his hounds back he decided to call it a day…. but by now he only had around 19 of the 30+ hounds with him. A bit of horn blowing and he got it up to 24 hounds. The soft underbelly terrier men who we hadn’t seen all day then made an appearance but kept their distance from us. The huntsman headed back to the kennels still missing some hounds and one of his whippers…..

We asked Huntsman Medcalf for his views on the GUILTY verdict but he had no comment.

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