Hunt and shoot sabbed.

HIT REPORT 16/10/21

Where do we start after a historic week that has rocked the hunting world? On Friday afternoon the director of the masters of foxhounds was found GUILTY! After encouraging all registered hunts to break the law and how to cover up their dirty little crimes. Hunting with hounds has been illegal for nearly 17 years, but has never stopped! Hankinson himself calling “trail hunting” a “smokescreen” for illegal hunting on the leaked webinar that was brought to you by the Hunt Saboteurs Association which lead to his conviction, the most significant day in hunting since the hunting act was passed.

Almost as pleasing as hearing the GUILTY verdict has been reading the fall out on pro hunting pages, many a hunter holding up their hands and openly admitting that for near 17 year they’ve been participating in brutal and barbaric illegal hunting. Some still in denial! What’s is clear is these people are absolutely deluded and have a massive sense of self entitlement. Some are now calling for a review and to actually start following trails, and win back public support…. Well spoiler alert! It’s too late, that ship has long sailed, the “wheeze” is up!


So what could we expect the very next morning? Would the Flint and Denbigh hunt finally attempt to follow trails? No chance, these hounds have been trained to hunt foxes. Would our rural crime team be out in force monitoring and enforcing the Hunting Act? Not a chance…. The rural crime team have been covering up and getting the hunt off the hook for years.
The antics started around 7am when we parked up in a lay-by in Cefn Meiriadog to let the rest of the sabs catch up with us which includes our friends from the Stockport Monitors who weren’t best pleased after reading our last weeks hit report of the Flint and Denbigh deliberately hunting 5 foxes right in front of us, this behaviour will not be tolerated and the F&D need to realise unless they change their ways we’ll be seeing more and more sabs out with us each week. It was great to see some friends from Cheshire Hunt Saboteurs make the trip over to support us too. It was at this point we were confronted by a well known unhinged member of the hunt. We were still parked up and she pulled up in front of us blocking the road. She then got out the vehicle to give us a gob full and claimed to be on the phone to the police before threatening “they’re coming to sort you out”. With vehicles now coming from both directions she moved away allowing us to continue to Coed Coch Estate in Dolwen, where we witnessed many horseboxes turn up, not just the Flint and Denbigh but also from the Wynnstay hunt who’s hounds are isolating with kennel cough. The hunt rather than leave by the usual exit then tried giving us the slip by leaving by a back gate, the estates gamekeepers pointing this out to sabs, as the gamekeepers themselves do not want the hunt here following their head keeper getting the sack a few years ago after he attacked a sab then grassed up the hunt for illegal hunting in the court case that followed. The hunt headed up to the hill through Coed Uchaf and to Coed Yr Lws. Fortunately we know this hunt all too well and we headed them off as they hunted the valleys at Coed Yr Lws. As hounds started to pick up on the scent of a fox sabs were closing in on them with sabs down in the valley and Stockport Monitors at the top of the valley. More sabs turned up and the first fox was seen fleeing from the hunt, the sabs used horn calls to divert some of the pack away from the direction the fox had bolted. The huntsman was now down in the valley with the majority of his pack. We asked him “WHY DO YOU ALL LOOK SO GUILTY”…… Medcalf replied “I wonder why”. Around 6 of the hounds had now gone off to do their own thing. The huntsmans taking the rest of the pack through a field at calves and then sheep causing them distress, before heading back up out of the valley. Sabs at the top of the valley had also witnessed a fox escaping, we are unsure if this was the same fox that had been seen by other sabs just before. With some footsabs following the huntsman up the steep embankments of the valley other sabs had been left behind to try help a young foxhound who had found himself stuck the otherside of the fence in the field below. The Stockport Monitors had made their way back to the top of the hills and they too saw another fox. The field riders were asked where the trails had been laid, they couldn’t answer, well apart from saying “there’s lines been laid everywhere, all over the place” obviously a complete lie as we’d had people sat there watching the direction the hunt wanted to go in. The hunt how headed back to Coed Uchaf a thickly grown woodland on a ridiculously steep hill, the type of area it would be impossible to even pretend to lay a trail.


The sabs who had stopped the help the lost and panicked hound had made their way back down hill to the road instead of trying to play catch up on the steep valleys. As the sabs walked along the road towards the bottom of Coed Uchaf gun shots erupted over their heads! Sabs shouted to cease fire but the shots continued. Sabs could hear shouting from further down the road as another sab vehicle had also become endangered by the reckless pheasant shoot. As shots and dead pheasants rained down on the road on our sabs and on our vehicle one of the shooters became physical pushing around a sab who was trying to film them, one pheasant that was shot down died in the arms of a sab….. unfortunately for the shooters the Stockport Monitors were now on scene who put a stop to the shoot. The police were on scene quite quick as you’d expect when guns are involved, but that’s the only positive thing we can say about the police, rather than focus on the threat to public safety from the moronic shooters the police seemed more interested in the Stockport Monitors. The police then went on the explain to us how it’s safer to shoot over a public highway that to shoot up towards the hills?? Completely ignoring the fact that it was illegal what the shoot were doing!
Both the pheasant shoot and fox hunt must feel quite comfortable breaking the law here given that the land is owned by the Lord Lieutenant of Clwyd.


The hunt were still hunting foxes on the hillside of Coed Uchaf and Coed Cardi, and once again chased a fox in full sight of sabs. The fox was witnessed fleeing for it’s life as hounds went into cry in it’s pursuit. We had sabs on both sided the woodland and with the hounds in pursuit of the fox, sabs on the lower side the woodland were able to cause enough of a distraction using a gizmo to bring the hounds towards them. The hounds then took off again but didn’t appear to be in pursuit of the fox this time. Wilby the whipper was galloping up and down the tarmac seeming as lost as always. The huntsman then came galloping down the road without any hounds. Both whippers now looking very confused as to where the hounds had gone. We lost sight of the hunt for a bit as presumably they looked for their out of control hounds. We relocated the hunt as they headed back to the Coed Coch Estate to pack up. Thank again to Cheshire Hunt Saboteurs and Stockport Monitors . And thank you all for your kind donations, you can donate to us on this link


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