Chaos in Gellifor….

Hit report 9/11/21

The Flint and Denbigh hunt met at Pen Stryt in the village of Gellifor to the absolute disgust of every local we spoke with, not the mention the meet was nearby to a primary school. There was a notable absentee at the meet, whipper-in Toby Dunn wasn’t out today following his horse beating on Saturday. The hunt are being rather quiet on the matter as well, when a journalist phoned the hunt kennels for a quote for a article the hunt said “wrong number.”

With 2 police vans parked nearby the terrier men were also reluctant to leave the meet after telling police on Saturday that they aren’t terrier men, the quad had been delivered on a trailer to the meet but they were in no hurry to unload the quad. The hunt also had brought out fewer hounds than they usually would. The hunt left the meet and wouldn’t tell us where their horse beating whipper-in was today. The hunt immediately upset a driving instructor with hounds all over the road and brushing again the vehicle, the hunt then travelled quite a distance on tbe tarmac before heading into an estate. The huntsman Robert Medcalf put the hounds into the first cover but to no avail. He moved on to the next cover but again drew a blank. By now the head terrier man had been seen driving his pick up rather that his quad. As the hunt went to leave the area one of the riders came a cropper, the rider had fallen off their horse and was laying on the floor motionless with hands on head. The riders all stopped and ask us to continue moving on which we did, and a rider called to the huntsman to stop. One of the riders was on the phone asking for an air ambulance. The huntsman appeared to be heading back towards the meet and at this point we thought we’d be having an early end to the day…..

Robert Medcalf with his unusual small amount of hounds.

Unfortunately the huntsman didn’t see fit to call it a day with a rider laying flat out awaiting an ambulance and continued to hunt! We located the huntsman who had now been joined by other riders down by a farm. As we pulled up behind a hunt supporters vehicle and got out to inspect the huntsman was heard coming through on their radio “Unbelievable there is nothing down here.” But moments later we could hear the hounds starting to speak as they picked up on a scent. We jointed the huntsman and his whips, one of which was standing in for Toby today. As sabs headed towards the hunt and farm one of the supporters said to our driver “can you ask the sabs not to go down that way as the hunt aren’t even allowed down there”…. very odd.

The huntsman was allowing his hounds in hedgerows and coppices that clearly nobody could have laid a trail through. The hounds were now in the next field to the huntsman, the field riders and the stand in whip was also in the same field as the hounds, the hounds now were in the entrance of an active badger sett. A sab informed the whipper-in of this and asked him to call the hounds out but he did nothing! It was left to the sab to get hounds out of the sett. Wilby the other whip then called to the hounds “get on to him get on to him” from the otherside of the hedge. As sabs went to follow a fox ran through a hedge and along the footpath straight towards where the hunt supporters were parked on the road, the fox must have ran straight through the support and across the road. The huntsman Medcalf had rounded up his hounds and now crossed the road the fox had. Now the hounds went into full cry, The sabs ran towards where the hounds were in cry but now all was quiet and the hounds had left, it would appear that maybe are probably the fox had taken cover in another badger sett.

Flint and Denbigh hunt hounds in a badger sett

By now quite a few locals were out their houses voicing their concerns. One lady asked us what was going on, we explained they’d chased a fox, the lady said they shouldn’t be this side of the road and she had thought she had seen the fox. Another couple were telling us how locals have secured their properties to keep the hunt away as they have previous for trespassing. Another couple were absolutely outraged and didn’t even realise fox hunting still took place. Now the huntsman had gone on the run, leaving behind riders and supporters. Riders were left wandering around in search of the hunt before getting fed up and packing up. Even the head of the hunt had no idea where they had gone, which gave us another opportunity to ask her will she be sacking the whipper-in, but still no comment. A quick check back at the meet point and it confirmed to us the huntsman was still out somewhere and now the terrier men had also sneaked out on the quad. Hunt supporters started following the sab vehicle in hope we’d lead them to the hunt… they were pretty p###ed off.

Flint and Denbigh terrier men sneaked out when they thought the police weren’t looking.

The huntsman had headed to the hills of the Clwydian range and in the direction of Moel Arthur. One of the huntmasters were left to explain where he’d gone to the disgruntled supporters. When the hunt came back down the hills now with the terrier men in tow they headed back through the village to the meet point, with doing so the hunt had to pass through the vehicles and parents parked by the school waiting for the children to come out. They have no shame!

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