Hit report 13/11/21


The Flint and Denbigh hunt met in Cefn Meiriadog at 10am. On our arrival police were already at the meet including the rural crime team. The rural crime team had situated themselves on a bridleway to watch the hunt, after some dallying around the hunt set off with the “trail layers” at the rear of the field riders…. *constructive criticism if you want to create a plausible smokescreen actually have the “trail layers” up ahead of the hunt pretending to lay trails.

The hunts first draw was around the Coed Yr Esgob, the hunt seemed a bit subdued at this point, probably because police were just the other side the wooded area. Toby the whipper-in now famous for beating his horse in the head had finally shown his face after being in hiding all week. The hunt worked their way through Coed Yr Esgob and towards the power station, at which point the field riders had decided to block the sabs who were following to try let the huntsman escape, unfortunately for the hunt we’re a bit too wiley for these type of games and already had sabs on the otherside. The hounds picked up on something as they started to speak, we saw deer getting flushed so thought maybe that’s was what they had picked up on as they’ve been making a habit of chasing deer this season. The hunt then crossed the road and headed to cornel back, at this point once again the hounds picked up on a scent, again deer were seen to be flushed and huntsman was asked to call the hounds off, which he didn’t and moved off at speed with the hounds in full cry. They headed towards the factory at lower St.Asaph before doubling back. What we didn’t know at the time until we saw reports on local Facebook groups was that the hunt had actually chased a fox onto Lower Denbigh Road, horses were seen by the public on the main road and a fox was seen being chased behind the factory. We can only hope that they lost it before turning back. It was also reported that the hunt had been trespassing at this time in people’s gardens near Eryl Hall caravan park. When the hunt turned back it wasn’t long before they picked up on another scent, moving at speed towards Squirrels lodge, with sabs nearby it looks like the hunt had to hault this pursuit. Medcalf once again fuming at Wilby the whipper “Will shut up! It’s easier when you’re not here!”….

Hounds love sabs

The hunt then headed back to the starting point and many of the riders packed up by 11.30am, including the infamous Toby who then followed in his vehicle. It was if the hunt were trying to look like they were all going home using the horseboxes as a shield from the police to allow the huntsman and the hard-core blood enthusiasts to sneak off behind them. The hunt once again tried to draw Coed Yr Esgob before moving off across land to a favourite of theirs they refer to as “the bryn”. Hounds once again went into cry and the whipper-in was caught encouraging the hounds to hunt on, our gizmo was used and the hounds seemed to lose the scent. Now hounds were scattered everywhere. The hunt were all over the place, up and down the bryn, before heading into the field they had just come out of the try gather their hounds, which again was a smaller pack than they’d usually use. The huntsman then rode up the road and was asked if Toby would be sacked to which he replied “ask him yourself I don’t employ him”. The huntsman then doubled back again though a field of bullocks with the lose hounds getting chased by the bullocks. He then headed back onto the top of the bryn before heading down towards the river.

more police

They hunted along by the river before heading into Coed Accar with footsabs following. Whipper-in Wilby had been sent to stand on-point on the road at the end of Coed accar to stop any foxes from escaping that way, exactly as what happened last time they were here. We told Wilby no foxes better be flushed this way, he looked nervous and got on his radio. At this point a fox was seen on the cliff side right next to where Wilby had been standing on-point. A hounds was higher up on the cliff looking down towards the fox. The fox bolted and initially the hounds didn’t pick up on it, but after a few moments the hounds went into cry and gave chase out of Coed Accar and down towards the hunt kennels. Sabs ran after the hounds and whipper-in Wilby. In a woods Wilby was now trying to call the hounds back, Toby now on foot had also joined in asking sabs not to call the hounds as Wilby was trying to call them off the fox, fully admitted they were onto a fox! The hunt then rounded the hounds before putting them back into Coed Accar but this time drew a blank, one of the riders who had realised we had filmed them chasing the fimox said to onevofvthevssbs whilst pointing at his camera “you’ve got f#ck all you tw@t”. The hunt and their terrier men along with their digging equipment who now made a rare appearance on the day after trying to avoid the police all day headed back to the kennels. Huntsman Medcalf and whipper Wilby headed down the long drive into the horizon with Medcalf b###ocking him all the way.

Wilby looking worried

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Toby Dunn back in his vehicle.

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