Wynnstay hunt

Hit report 16/11/21

Wynnstay on the run…..

After reports the Wynnstay hunt probably killed at least once on Saturday we headed over to Tilston to join up with friends from Cheshire Hunt Saboteurs Shropshire Wildlife Protection Cheshire Monitors Stockport Monitors and Independent Monitors. We didn’t join the rest until just after midday and on our arrival we were followed by an unmarked police car, if only they shown so much enthusiasm in following the actual criminals out killing foxes. By the time we found the main hunt the Stockport Monitors already had them on the run. We positioned ourselves at different points all around the area the hunt were hunting and had left them with nowhere left to run. The hunt headed back to the road and back to a farm behind Stretton Studios at around 1pm.

how many coppers does it take to protect an illegal fox hunt?

At this point we were joined by at least 3 police interceptor vehicle, armed response and unmarked police cars. It all seemed a little over the top, weren’t these officers meant to be out patrolling Cheshire Oaks? Most the riders were now packing up and the sensible thing would have been for the hunt to call it a day now they were seriously outnumbered. But one of the police officers in particular seemed to have a soft spot for the hunt and was a bit over forceful with the sabs threatening us with aggravated trespass, somehow this officer must have missed the leaked webinar and Hankinsons guilty verdict?

Wynnstay hunt setting of with help from the police.

Thanks to the stand off the hunt had how lost half an hour of hunting time before they decided to set off again at around 1.30pm, the hunt with only 5 riders left rode out and up a bridleway at speed followed by footsabs. They then crossed the road at Castletown rough and headed down to the river, the ground was swamped but despite this the hunt stayed down along the river for the next 2hrs. With very few suitable areas to hunt down by the river the hunt were now on run now they’d become the hunted. The hunt attempted to hunt around the river far out of view of any of the hunt supporters along past Edith’s Church and to Shocklach Green before turning back towards Dogkennel farm and finally packing up shortly after 3pm at Shocklach Hall. Other incidents on the day are now police matters which we’ll leave for Cheshire Monitors to report on in due time.

Jay Reardon Wynnstay whipper-in

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