Flint and Denbigh hunt kill fox!



Hit report 20/11/21
We came across horseboxes gathering at Penpalment farm in Trefnant as early as 8 45am, this being very unusual as this hunt don’t usually set off until 11am. It was clear to us that some riders from the Wynnstay hunt were also here after the Wynnstay hunt had moved their Saturday meet to the Friday to try avoid sabs and monitors (which was an epic fail). A quick called to our good friends Cheshire Hunt Saboteurs and they were on their way to join us. We located the hunt then entering into Plas Newydd estates home on Anthony Griffith. The hunt immediately started their usual antics, one of the whippers stood on-point on the Upper Denbigh Road stopping traffic. Only moments later and the hunt had already picked up on a fox, one of the terrier men giving it away by looking in the direction the fox had bolted, the other terrier man hunting the hounds on! On this occasion they lost the fox but not through lack of trying, they seemed particularly determined to kill a fox today….. the terrier men even admitting they had terriers with them, strange that they didn’t have terriers a couple of weeks ago when the police searched their quads.The hunt then moved off back across the A525 into Tuddyn Lunt farm where they then attempted to hunt in a field full of crops, clearly this isn’t “trail hunting”.

Flint and Denbigh hunt Toby Dunn

The hunt moved off again crossing Bodfari Road and to Perthewig Woods. The huntsman Robert Medcalf took his hounds into Perthewig Woods knowing fully well they usually get onto a fox here. The riders stood around in the field sipping port provided by Pat. By now Cheshire Hunt Saboteurs had also joined us. The hunt now had spent around 20minutes trying to flushed a fox from the small overgrown woodland, at one point one of the hunt staff radioed the huntsman to say “yes the sabs are in the woods but I don’t know where”, this wasn’t actually true as we had placed ourselves along the bridleway at the edge of the woods with our citronella in anticipation of the fox being flushed this way the same as they had done the last time they were here. The hunt finally moved off crossing the road, given that we knew the ground was flooded and difficult we headed up to the dismantled railway line further up Bodfari Road where we knew the hunt would be heading. On our arrival it was clear the hunt were attempting to hunt, the riders had started to surround the area as the huntsman sent the hounds into the wooded area along the old dismantled railway. As sabs entered the fields the huntsman appeared to be heading towards us before he turned back. As sabs closed in on the huntsman whipper-in Toby Dunn pointed across the field as he saw a fox, the hounds then gave chase hunted on by the huntsman Robert Medcalf and whipper-in Toby Dunn. They chased the fox through a field along a hedgerow before the exhausted fox ran into the wooded area at the side of the dismantled railway line which was now surrounded by the hunts riders. The whipper-in was now frothing at the mouth as he attempted to get out of a gate onto the road to get onto the embankments of the dismantled railway line to retrieve the body of the fox, only now after the fox had been killed did the huntsman attempt to gather his hounds. The hunt support savages were going wild with joy from the kill. Pat saying “oh they’ve actually got one!”, hunt supporter Liam stood there laughing and other supporters started to get violent pushing sabs around whilst members of the public had now also been dragged into this with the chaos caused on Bodfari Road, one of the riders saying to one drive who had got caught up in the traffic jam “oh I’m sorry about this”.

When sabs had located the whipper-in who you may recognise from recent news paper report about him hitting his horse on the head with his whip handle, he was stood over the body of the fox with a bin bag in his hand, who brings a bin bag out with them to retrieve dead foxes if they aren’t out attempting to kill foxes? One brave sab attempted to get the body whilst another brave sab filmed, our intentions are to retrieve the body as evidence. The whipper-in with his blood stained hands would not release the body and for 5 minutes gripped onto it whilst the sab attempted to retrieve it, the whipper-in called for back up from the terrier men, Robert Smith the terrier man then joined in and was able to escape with the dead fox.

Meanwhile Medcalf had attempted to flee the area with his hounds but a sab from North Wales and a Cheshire sab had managed to follow him. The police had now turned up at the scene of the kill and sabs showed the footage which the police agreed had the whipper-in attempting to conceal the killed fox. Unfortunately when we needed stong policing more than ever Sgt Nathan Jones was sent, we have previous with Jones and his bias policing and he refused to pack up the hunt, repeatedly saying “I’m not packing up the hunt”. The huntsman had taken off at speed across Denbigh Green across a road to Tuddyn Lunt where once again he was attempting to hunt, with sabs not far behind he moved off again crossing the A525 into Plas Newydd estates. But each time he attempted to hold up a woodland sabs sabs moved him on. The field riders were now getting aggressive and using their horses as weapons to try stop sabs…. The hunt then crossed Upper Denbigh Road are headed towards Plas Heaton estate, they rode through fields of sheep causing havoc, at this point a worred lamb collapsed as it appeared to have a seizure with the stress caused by the hounds. We do not know whether the lamb died or not as it was picked up by hunt field riders and carried towards Plas Heaton estate house. The hounds did briefly get onto another foxes scent at the woods alongside Plase Heaton but they lost this one. Sabs found a freshly filled in badger sett at Plas Heaton a tactic used by hunts to stop foxes from taking cover in setts. The hunt then moved on to the woods at the top of Cau Drain before heading back onto the road and crossing back into Plas Newydd estates. As we attempted to catch up with the hunt it was at this point they must have packed up as shortly later the hunt supporters were seen leaving the area. As we drove around making sure the hunt had left the terrier man was now in his picking driving around the area bibbing his horn every time he passed us gloating at what he’d consider to have been a good day.

Flint and Denbigh hunt Toby Dunn with blood on his hands.

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