Flint and Denbigh hunt still illegally hunting.

Hit report 23/11/21

Flint and Denbigh hunt huntsman showing us how not to use bolt cutters.

A long day at the Flint and Denbigh hunt with our friends Cheshire Hunt Saboteurs with sabs out and about before 7am after the fox killing Flint and Denbigh tried to sneak out early last week. Whilst we were parked up in Cefn Meiriadog near the Flint and Denbigh hunt kennels we were joined by a police car who just parked there watching us. The hound van then attempted to leave the kennels at around 10am, but bizarrely they’d seemed to have barricaded themselves in! There were large rocks all over the hunt kennels drive which prevented the van getting out, once Medcalf and Wilby moved the rocks they seemed to have another problem…. they couldn’t get the driveways gate open! And neither of them seemed to be able to operate a set of bolt cutters. After a struggle they managed to open the gate but now unfortunately our vehicle seemed to have conked out at the end of the drive. How unlucky was that? The hunt then called for police back-up and we were joined by some right jobsworths. The two officers immediately threatened to arrest us if we didn’t move the vehicle, they clearly need to brush up on a few laws. The irony being it was now the police blocking the road so we couldn’t move the vehicle. Finally with the rocks moved the gate open, our vehicle mysteriously starting and the police unblocking the road we were free to go sabotage some illegal fox hunting which we knew would be taking place at Coed Coch Estate in Dolwen, which also happens to be home of Davina the head of the hunt and her husband who happens to be Lord Lieutenant of Clwyd.

Davina feathstonehaugh the face of the Flint and Denbigh hunt.

The hunt seemed a bit reluctant to leave the meet so much so they too had now managed to get themselves locked in! When they managed to find a pair of wire snippers all 9 riders rode out with their heads down, a dreadful turnout for hunt with many of the usual suspects too ashamed to show their faces after they brutally killed a fox on Saturday. The huntsman Robert Medcalf rode off at speed to try lose us, in doing so he left his field riders and terrier men behind. The terrier men equipped with digging equipment and terriers seems particularly angry today, something to do with getting a flat tyre. As we moved the hunt on from their first attempt to kill to the next the hounds picked up on a fox that the terrier men had flushed out of the woods by using their quads revving up and riding back and forth until the fox bolted. The hunt gave chase back into Coed Coch estate followed by the riders and quad bikes all in a frenzy. We can only presume this fox got away as the riders flew back out the estate to search which way the fox had gone. By now the police had managed to catch up, but today was one of those day where they’d sent out the pro hunt cops, all too keen to assist in illegal fox hunting. PC Jones explaining to us that the rural crime team had been out this morning (an hour before the hunt had set off) and witnessed the “trails” being laid…. it’s like the police are pretending the leaked webinar doesn’t exist, it’s like they haven’t seen the guilty verdict proving “trail hunting” to be a smokescreen sham and fiction. Strangely enough we had sabs out to observe the “trail laying” all morning and we can honestly say the “trail layers” rode along roads with a rag on a piece of string occasionally dropping it on the road, leaving massive gaps between the llnes, nowhere near where the hunt went and without a rural crime team officer in sight?

North Wales polices finest

The hunt had now stuck the hounds back into the same woodland they had just flush the fox from, Pat and the very few other hard-core blood junkies who had mustered up enough encouragement to show their faces today stood watching awaiting another fox to be flushed. As the hounds starting to speak a fox was seen fleeing through the woodland and the hounds came on the line of the fox a few seconds behind. At this point we intervened and pulled the hounds off the line and into a field using voice calls citronella and pre recorded horn calls. Whilst this was happening the police were parked in a gateway watching on but did absolutely nothing despite being explained to what was going on. The only thing that got the police attention was went the hunt supporters complained we had a gizmo. The hunt moved on and straight into more sabs as they continued to blatantly illegally hunt foxes. By how the hounds were all over the place and the huntsman was b#llocking whipper-in Wilby who was the only whipper-in on the day after Toby failed to show his face after staring in the gruesome scenes on Saturday. Or as Wilby put it “I dunno where he is, he’s probably at work probably”…. that’ll be easy enough to find out we’ll be sure to enquire at Carter Jonas Homes.

the sabs have you surrounded

The hunt now moved on to hunt Coed Cardi and Coed Uchaf, as sabs looked into Coed Cardi from the road that runs next to in Pat drove her vehicle into one of our sabs fortunate not to injure the sab, we’re not sure if Pat did this in anger at having her day ruined or it was completely accidental after all the port drank that morning at the meet. We were now situated on the roadside of the road going up between Coed Cardi and Coed Uchaf when we saw another fox, and so did the supporters…. sabs placed themselves in the fields next to the woodland where the fox had ran awaiting for the hounds to come this way so that we could turn them back and allow the fox to escape. The fox was seen another couple of time as it weaved in and out the woodland and field edge. The hounds then came into the field along with line the fox had gone but were immediately intercepted by sabs, rated back with sounds of whips cracking and voice calls before we took the hounds off the huntsman with pre recorded horn calls and our own voice calls, sadly when the hounds ran into the field a young cow had become frightened and attempted to jump a fence and became entangled and appeared to have injured it’s behind legs, if the farmer is wondering why his cow is limping look no further than the hunt.

sabs are never too far away

By now the hunt supporters have left and so had all 9 of the field riders leaving just the Huntsman the whipper-in and terrier men who took off at speed to hunt the valley up the top of Coed Glyn-Lws. When we caught up with the hunt as the light faded they sped off back to the meeting point in the Coed Coch Estate.

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