Not the usual Flint and Denbigh hunt…

Hit report 4/12/21
The Flint and Denbigh hunt met again in Trefnant in what we can only call a very uneventful day in terms of fox hunting. The riders parked at Penpalment and made their ways to Plas Heaton from where they set off, two police cars had also driven into the meet. They set off around 11am and unusual didn’t try to hold up the woods at Plas Heaton. They headed to the next woodland and again didn’t try to hunt it. They headed across fields and joined the road opposite the golf course and cut through Plas Newydd estate, all a bit quicker than usual.

Bit stuck Rob?

They crossed the A525 into Tuddyn Lunt and towards Denbigh Green, not stopping once to try flush any foxes to hunt… But at this point they crossed Bodfari Road onto the dismantled railway line where they killed a fox just two weeks ago. Very odd they were back here so soon after last time. Last Saturday they weren’t out due to the storm so this was the first Saturday meet since last time they were out and in the same area, what’s going on? Have they lost more hunting areas? We’ve heard on the grapevine they have lost at least one of their regular meets after causing havoc. After they killed in this exact location only two weeks ago we had to have our whits about us, sabs covered the area in citronella to mask the scent of any foxes, we took position on the line they’d chased the fox last time and we were ready… but after a brief stop the hunt moved on again and headed towards Perthewig Woods.

The huntsman had gotten a little ahead of the field riders by now and was down towards the river, but some quick sabs had stayed with him. By the time fields riders had caught up the huntsman had his hounds close by his side and terrier men also in the field. They then headed to Perthewig farm where it looked like they’d pack up by 1pm, maybe it was due to the weather? Sabs followed onto the bridleway by the farm but were confronted by angry green vitara man “this is a private party and you’re not welcome!”. As they sat there supping port and eating some very dry looking cake supplied by Pat, we continued onto the public bridleway. At this point angry green vitara man threatened to smash a sab in the gob! This was totally unprovoked it’s clear we are getting under their skins. A lot of riders were saying their good byes so we headed back to our vehicle at the end of the bridleway as clearly some of them can’t control their tempers after a drink.

Pats cake very dry

The hunt supporters left via the bridleway but still no sign of the hounds…. We circled round back to Penpalment where around 8 field riders were packing up but still no sign of the hounds. We drove back down Upper Denbigh Road when we saw a deer fleeing out of Plas Newydd onto the road, the hunt were now at the edge of a woodland in Plas Newydd but immediately gathered their hounds at first sight of us. They then crossed Upper Denbigh Road and into Plas Heaton, the few riders still out by now heading back to pack up. The terrier men who usually gave us no hassle all day then got their quad stuck in the mud! One of the terrier men even getting off the quad to cross to road, hmmm we’ve been pointing out to the police all season that these quads are not allowed to carry passengers on public roads. The huntsman and the whipper-in kept the hounds under close control as they headed back to Plas Heaton where they’d caused a sheep to have a seizure last time they were here. They then rode back to thd kennels in Cefn Meiriadog to end a very unusual day….

Likes the threaten to punch girls in the mouth

Today was the first time we had our new shiny sab vehicle out, a massive thank you to everybody who donated or shared out link that raised over £2,000 and to the Hunt Saboteurs Association to then gave us a substantial grant enabling us to purchase a vehicle far better that we could have afforded. A big thank you to Derby Hunt Saboteurs too who donated us some new radios and whilst we are at it to one of our biggest supporters Richard Bowler Wildlife Photography who sent us at NWHS HQ one of his gorgeous calendars.

There are lots of ways to support us in our work we’ll stick some links on the comments section.

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