Flint and Denbigh hunt back to themselves

Hit report 28/12/21

For a couple of weeks the Flint and Denbigh hunt had been largely behaving themselves, not using terriers, keeping the hounds at close control not casting them into covers, and moving at a fast pace not holding up areas to try flush foxes…. but on Tuesday this was not the case. Clearly something has rattled the Flint and Denbigh hunt, maybe they were upset their Boxing Day meet was cancelled, or maybe it’s down to what one of the hunt members told us “the rural crime team won’t be coming out anymore as they think we’re following trails”…. we hope that’s just another of their lies. Either way the hunt were aggressive from the start with Alex the honey monster trying to ram one of our vehicles off the road, he obviously got a big bag of courage for Christmas.

sabs never far from the Flint and Denbigh

The hunt met once again at Plas Newydd estate in Trefnant, this hunt really haven’t got many places left to go. Sabs were on scene from 10am an hour before the hunt set off and there was no sign of their “smokescreen trail layers”. The hunt set off at 11am and to start with were moving at a fast pace going over jumps etc like we’d seen recently from this hunt. At 11.30 the “smokescreen trail layers” did finally turn up, led my Lord Farquaad who insisted we returned to the road despite us being right next to the footpath which we couldn’t walk along due to flooding. Lord Farquaad then dragged his rag off in the total opposite direction to where the hunt were going before he was seen leaving in his horsebox at 12noon, not a very good “smokescreen” considering a “trail” needs to be laid no longer than 20minute before the hounds can follow it.

The hunt left Plas Newydd Estate and crossed the A525 stopping traffic in the process. By now the terrier men had also been spotted with terriers in the box on front of Smiths quad (the hunt hadn’t been bringing terriers out whilst the rural crime team had been out). As the hunt crossed the flooded fields at Tyddyn Lunt farm the hunt supporters were getting rather aggressive, one hunt supporter bringing out her son may be 14 15 years old to harass sabs. The youngest pushing sabs and kicking mud and water at us whilst shouting and being verbally abusive. His mothers response? “I hope you’re not filming him he’s a f###ing child you p#dos, why you filming me are you a lesbian” (footage to follow). At this point we called to police but the aggressive supporters left the scene.

Sabs still on them

The hunt then headed to Perthewig farm one of their favourite areas for getting onto a fox. The huntsman Rob Medcalf by now had abandoned his fast pace and was trying to flush foxes from hedgerows as the field riders stood and watched. One of the hunt supporters had slipped in a gully, we couldn’t quite bring ourselves to help him back out after he’d previously been aggressive with us. The hunt then went to Perthewig farm for more drinks, probably not the best idea considering some of the riders were already a bit merry.
From there they headed to the dismantled railway line near Bodfari Road where they’d killed a fox a few weeks back. Sabs covered the area with citronella to prevent any more foxes being killed. Whipper-in Wilby almost knocking down a sabs as he road passed. As the hunt headed back towards to main road hounds were running onto the road and the huntsman was back on form publicly belittling Wilby screaming “I don’t care if it’s on film your job is road road safety” a sab reminded Wilby of his job and the huntsman comically thanked the sab… in all fairness Medcalf was correct, and Wilby shouldn’t have been allowing hounds all over a main road.

what’s with all the terrier men

The hunt crossed Bodfari Road and onto the other side of the dismantled railway on the Denbigh Green side the road. By now the riders had been left on the muddy old railway line whilst the huntsman attempted to flush foxes. The terrier men were getting aggressive by now and head terrier man Smith rode his quad at a sab narrow missing as the sab jumped back out the way. The terrier man was clearly upset about something, maybe he wasn’t please with his new look as his eyebrow tint appeared to have gone seriously wrong. The hunt who kept drawing blanks then headed back through the flooded fields before heading back to their hound van at around 2.30pm.

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