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Hit report 18/1/22

We’d planned to pay another visit to the Flint and Denbigh hunt who’ve been particularly blatant in their illegal hunting over the last few weeks…. however word got to us that the Flint and Denbigh had done a runner and had headed out of North Wales to hide from us, how embarrassing must that be for the hunt to be run out the area by sabs? We headed to the kennels to check if this was true, and ran into a couple of disgruntled hunt supporters who were seething at the hunt for running away.

The decision was then made to pay a visit to the Cheshire Hounds who were meeting in Saighton where we jointed up with Roaming Sab Squad West Yorkshire Hunt Saboteurs Staffordshire Hunt Sabs Calder Valley Hunt Saboteurs and Independent Monitors. On our arrival it was clear we were in the right area as horseboxes had been parked all along the sides of the roads in Saighton and Bruera. The hunt were surprised to see us and our first action was to move the hunt on as then cast hounds into a coppice right at the edge on a main road. The hunt then moved on to Leahall farm and a brace of foxes ran from the direction of the hunt, we formed a line the make sure the hounds did now follow, which thankfully they didn’t apart from one hound who we swiftly turned back. The hunt hadn’t got far but had already lost some of the field riders, one field rider telling us how disgusted she was by the attack on a saboteur at the North Shropshire hunt on Saturday and told us “we’re not like that.” (But they certainly were a very violent hunt a few seasons ago). Not all the riders were so polite, some other riders on seeing us said “The idiots are here!” We’re not so sure why they needed to introduce themselves in such a way, we were already fully aware they were here.

We kept the hunt moving on but by now it wasn’t just some riders who were lost as hounds were scattered all over. The hunt headed through Beachin farm the landowner turned up a d told the hunt supporters who had blocked the road to clear off, the hunt then headed to Milton green where again hounds had got themselves separated from the pack and were in thick overgrowth as the huntsman just left them behind. The hunt then headed back towards Leahall when another fox was flushed, but amazingly the hounds hadn’t picked up on the scent. But when a 4th fox had been flushed they did go into cry but sabs were able to rate the hounds stopping then from following, the huntsman was then forced into taking action and had to round his hounds back up.

By around 3.30pm with the hunt heading back to the meet to pack up we heard reports of the Wynnstay hunts hounds all over the A525 near Bangor on Dee, we went to check it out but the hunt had seemingly packed up by time we got there. If you spot a hunt please report to the nearest sab or monitor group to that area as soon as you can, or call it in to the HSA tip off line.

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