The Flint and Denbighs big day sabbed!

Hit report 22/1/22

With the Flint and Denbigh hunt inviting some of the ghastly Wynnstay hunt members over they thought they’d be having a jolly good day killing foxes. Unfortunately for them we had also invited along some friends in the form of Lancashire Huntsabs and Cumbria Hunt Saboteurs.

sabs are never too far from the Flint and Denbigh

The hounds van unloaded at Green Isa farm in Trefnant and they headed to Perthewig farm for some pre-hunting drinks. With a larger amount of field riders and extra hunt supporters, including 4 quads with terrier men, the hunt probably thought they’d be having it all their own way…. As the hunt set off they left Perthewig farm and headed towards Berth Bach, we can only speculate but it appeared the hunt were now trespassing. A farmer was seen talking with the police then when the hunt went to cross the road the police officer questioned the hunt as to who’s land were they about to enter. It really was a mixed bag of policing on the day, some good some quite awful (video over on our twitter account) One officer telling us he was only there to keep the peace and we should stick that on our Facebook page, before he wound up his window! This officer did kind of redeem himself a little later on though. The hunt headed through Tuddyn Lunt and College Farm before crossing the A525 into Plas Newydd estate. It didn’t take long for huntsman Medcalf to lose his rag with his whippers, already screaming at them. The terrier men were also off their quads in a wooded area in the estate but with Medcalf screaming F this and F that the hunt moved on.

why the need for all those terrier men

Still in Plas Newydd estate the terrier men were seen at the edge of another woods seemingly encouraging the hunt in that direction…. as the huntsman cast his hounds into the wood a fox was seen, and the hounds picked up the scent! The fox was then seen again bolting from the woods, the huntsman was making very little attempt to call back his hounds as the field riders just sat on their horses watching. The fox had run into someone garden at Tynewydd, running under a trampoline before then being spotted running across the A525. The hounds were now in the garden running riot, with baby goats hiding in the corner of the garden and lambs all huddled together in the next pen. After a few minutes of complete mayhem the hunt finally rounded up their hounds and set off again heading towards the Upper Denbigh Road and Plas Heaton estate. With sabs still on the Plas Newydd side the road the hounds who had already crossed had gone into cry again. With some footsabs giving chase others jumped in vehicles to go head off the hunt near to Plas Heaton Hall. It was at this point another fox had been seen running from Coed y Plas and towards Coed Mawr. Thankfully sabs were on hand to spray the line of the fox, and when hounds came along not far behind they didn’t pick up on the scent of this fox.

no mountain too big no gate too high

The hunt headed back towards Upper Denbigh Road, crossing back into Plas Newydd, and straight through to the A525, crossing again and through Tuddyn Lunt farm. By now the huntsman had really lost the plot and whipper-in Wilby took the brunt of his anger, with numerous sabs with him wherever he went. The hunt then headed towards one of their favourite killing areas, the dismantled railway line near Denbigh Green. Sabs covered the dismantled railway area with citronella spray to prevent a rerun of what occurred there a few weeks ago. The hunt didn’t stick around on the dismantled railway and headed back to Perthewig Woods, an area they get onto foxes every time they are here. As soon as the hunt entered Perthewig Woods true to form they picked up on a fox, it was radioed through and our sabs with our vehicles alert the police officer (from earlier on) that the hunt had picked up on a scent, the officer followed our vehicle to Perthewig Woods. Now with a load of sabs on hand at Perthewig, the hunt supporters were livid! As the police officer got out his vehicle to see what was going on, one of the riders Mrs Shepherd shouted at the officer “why would you take their word for it!”. Nige Cox had also lost it, shouting at the officer and sabs “where’s your evidence of illegal hunting!”…. Well Nigel its all with the police and you’ll hearing about it in the near future! Cox continued his barrage of abuse, in an attempt to divert the officers attention from the illegal hunting that was taking place. The officer had to tell him to shut up! As the officer watched towards the woodland with hounds picking up on a scent the field riders then stood right in front of the officer, he had to tell them to move out the way! A fox was seen bolting from the woods and sabs rated the hounds back… Medcalf by now had steam coming from his ears as he continued to shout at Wilby! By the time they managed to round their hounds up it was 3pm and home time. The hunt took the walk of shame back to Green isa to load up the hound van and their faces talk the story.

Louise Shepherd always a little merry

We’ve hit 5 hunts on 8 days so any donations are grateful received, thank you all.

Robert Medcalf and Will “WILBY” Deague
Too much excitement for the Wynnstay hunt supporters.

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