The Wynnstay Hunt blatantly hunt foxes.

Hit report 8/2/22

sabs on the Wynnstay hunt

It was another early morning start as we headed to the Flint and Denbigh hunt kennels this morning, but once again they had cancelled! We stuck around the kennels for as long as we could just to make sure they didn’t leave for an afternoon meet like they did a couple of weeks ago, but thankfully they didn’t. We were aware Cheshire Monitors were out with the Wynnstay hunt at a kennels meet in Ruabon, we also got word our friends Roaming Sab Squad we’re also heading to the Wynnstay…. On our way to the Wynnstay we heard Cheshire Monitors had filmed a fox fleeing and had managed to stop the hunt from hunting the fox any further. When we arrived the hunt were still in the same location as where the fox was seen. Hunt supporters were already trying to intimidate sabs and monitors, with one particular idiot almost driving into our friends. We entered the fields and it was clear this hunt were blatantly hunting foxes. At one point we needed to intervene and take the hounds off the hunt using our gizmo and prerecorded horn calls (see video below). The hunt had 3 quads out, 2 with terrier boxes and another ridden by Jezza Scatterpack Reed who swore down he wasn’t going hunting today when we saw him outside the Flint and Denbigh hunt kennels this morning. The hunt were absolutely determined to kill and put the hounds back on the line we had just previously taken the hounds from. With the hunt not getting much joy with more sabs now entering the fields they rounded up the hounds and rode back to the hunt kennels at around 4.30pm.

What’s with all the terrier men?

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Taking the hounds off the Wynnstay hunt.

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