Illegal fox hunting at Mostyn Estate.

Hit report 12/2/22

Joined by members of Cheshire Hunt Saboteurs we headed for Tre-Mostn and Mostyn estate to pay another visit to the ghastly Flint and Denbigh fox hunt. After the blatant illegal hunting by this hunt on Wednesday the huntsman Rob Medcalf wasn’t so sure about himself today. The horseboxes were littered at a few different locations as Mostyn Farm Rides are still trying to distance themselves from the hunt following allegations of animal cruelty by hunt members here earlierin the season. The hound van was parked at Pentre Fynnon Farm and we were soon joined by the hunts smokescreen Sir Lord Trailliar or whatever his name is, he’s always comedy gold and insisted on taking our photos but had difficulties in operating his camera. He finally trotted off dragged a rag on a piece of string behind him, nowhere near where the hunt would be going.


Monk Farm haulage who are situated in the grounds of Mostyn estate took offence at us using the public bridleway that passes straight through their yard, telling us they have absolutely nothing to do with the hunt, well apart from the horseboxes they had parked on their yard.The hunt left the estate and wanted to head over the bridleway that runs through Ffriddoedd woods. Unfortunately for the hunt they didn’t know the code for the padlocked gate (0001) and had to turn back down the bridleway and head back into the estate. There had been a police presence early on but they seemed to disappear as the day went on. As the hunt crossed into Whitford Woods the hounds went into cry! Some of the hounds were then heard marking to ground, which suggests the fox had escaped and managed to get underground. Thankfully Mostyn estate is one of the few estates where the hunt don’t tend to use terrier men, the Flint and Denbighs usual terrier boys were out today but only driving around as hunt supporters whilst frothing at the mouth with all their bitterness. The hunt had completely lost the hounds in Whitford woods. As Medcalf frantically blew on his horn to try round up his hounds, whipper-in Wilby could be heard in the far distant trying to gather strays. This must have gone on for around 40minutes, the field riders just sat there on their horses, the huntsman riding up and down Whitford woods looking for his hounds and Wilby? Who knows, he probably doesn’t know himself.

Where did the police go.

By now Medcalf had managed to find the majority of his hounds, who were now crunching on some sheep bones they’d found in the field whilst we patiently awaited the return of Wilby, we say patiently but Medcalf clearly isn’t a man with patience as he muttered “hurry the F up Will”. The hunt headed to Buarth y Wacco woods, which the estate has chopped half the trees down, then headed to Coed-y-bryn mound. The terrier boys drove down the bridleway despite the signs saying no vehicles beyond this point, it was at this point the hunt picked up on another fox! The hunt heading in one direction then turned back towards the terrier men on the bridleway as they chased the fox, terrier man Smith revving his engine to try drown out the sound of hound is cry. The huntsman now had no hounds with him. It came through on the huntsmans radio that hounds were by the crossroad on the main road whilst the huntsman was still in Coed-y-bryn mound looking for his hounds. It’s worth noting Flintshire Council have signs up all over the area saying that dogs must be kept on leads due to antisocial behaviour. He finally found most his hounds and headed back through Ffriddoedd onto the road and back into Mostyn estate where he waited for the rest of his hounds to return before leaving at around 3.30pm.

Sabs at Mostyn Estate.

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