The Rural Crime Team, it keeps getting worse.

North Wales Police rural crime team are supposedly investigating 2 cases of illegal fox hunting, although they only have around 2 weeks left the charge the hunt.

So what do the Rural Crime Team do? They meet up with the High Sheriff of Clwyd Zoe Henderson….. who is a prominent member of the hunt they are supposedly investigating 🤦‍♂️

To rub salt further into the wounds they then share the post by Henderson onto their twitter account. Last week it was Chief Constable Carl Foulkes being outted as a trustee of PACT alongside Flint and Denbigh hunt member Harry Fetherstonehaugh. It’s never ending.

Further posts on twitter suggest this isn’t the only time the police have met with Zoe Henderson and that “wildlife crime and prosecutions” were discussed at this meeting.

I think we can all hazard a guess of what the outcome of the ongoing investigations will be.

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