Wynnstay hunt cubbing packed up.

Hit report 25/8/22

The Wynnstay hunt had planned to go cub hunting at 6am this morning meeting at Wetreins Green Farm in Stretton. Unfortunately for them Cheshire Monitors Cheshire Against Blood Sports Manchester Hunt Sabs Shropshire Hunt Saboteurs Staffordshire Hunt Sabs and ourselves turned up to ruin their day. The hunt did leave the meet to the rear and must have made it all of 150 yards before realising today wasn’t going to be their day and immediately turned around, headed back to the meet, packed up and were escorted back to the kennels in Ruabon.

Good morning

Others out spotted the Cheshire Hunt hound van heading to Haughton Hall Farm which was only 20minutes away so off we went to introduce ourselves to the new huntsman.Today though Ollie was only on hound exercise thankfully, but unfortunately he forgot his poop bags as he allowed the hounds the poo all over the roads.


Not to waste an opportunity we then went and checked on some badger sett in preparation for this years upcoming senseless slaughter of badgers.

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