Flint and Denbigh hunt revert to “Plan B”

Hit report 3/9/22
Flint and Denbigh hunt cubbing.

A very strange day at the opening cubbing meet of the Flint and Denbigh hunt. We were joined by Shropshire Hunt Saboteurs at silly o’clock this morning. But at around 7am (usual time of their cubbing meets) the huntsman and whipper-in came out the kennels on foot wearing their kennel coats which would suggest hound exercise…. they didn’t take the hound far before returning back to the kennels… probably hoping we’d now leave…. But we didn’t and a short while later horseboxes started to arrive at Cefn Meiriadog. Nice try Medcalf but you’ll need a terribly better wheeze than that to fool us. An unusual large turn out for this lot including members of the pony club.

sabs are on the way best go to plan B

The hunt now deployed their smokescreen trail layers who headed down the road and through Coed y Esgob, no surprise the hunt went nowhere need there. As sabs walked into the meet one rider turned to their friend and said “looks like it’s Plan B now”. Plan B was spoken about in the leaked hunting office webinar ‘pretend to lay trails if the sabs turn up’. The hunt headed across friends and to over Coed Celyn. For once now actually heading the a similar direction to the smokescreen trail layers. In a never seen before moment the hunt now actually put the hounds of the line of the trail layers (knowing we were watching) and lo and behold the hounds actually followed it! We witnessed around 30 seconds of the hunt actually doing what they’ve claimed to be doing since 2005! It’s a miracle…

Robert Smith

The hunt then headed back onto the road and through Coed yr Accar before heading back to the meet and packing up around 10am. We stayed around to make sure they didn’t sneak back out.

We’re currently super busy with cubbing and the badger cull so if you’d like to support us with a donation we’ll leave the link in the comment. Thank for all your support.


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