Bodrhyddan Hall

Hit report 20/9/22
Flint and Denbigh cubbing.

At 8am this morning the Flint and Denbigh hunt met on land belonging to Lord Langford and Bodrhyddan Hall. It was notable they met in a field and not the farm they met at last season, presumably another farmer who doesn’t want to be associated with an illegal fox hunt. They had a couple more riders than the 9 last week including the High Sheriff of Clwyd Zoe Henderson.

not even the horses like them

The hunt rode along the road and into a field when the unfortunate whipper-in Wilby fell off his horse, on remounting the horse threw him off again… can’t blame the horse. Soon after another rider came a cropper, not so funny this time as the loose horse ran around the field putting others and itself in danger. The first half of the morning largely consisted of riders falling off and the hunt worrying the cattle and sheep, with the cattle chasing after the hunt. No wonder the farmer was glad to see them pack up.

Robert Medcalf “What am I doing with my life”

The second half the morning and the hunt tried to pick up the pace, the huntsman Robert Medcalf galloping ahead of the field riders with sabs following. Once Medcalf thought he’d given us the slip he put the hounds into Tir-Hwch woods and the hounds picked up on the scent of a fox. Whipper-in Wilby was again sent to stand on-point on the road nexr to a fox run, but Wilby soon ran off when a sab stood next to him. The hunt them crossed to road to Coed maes Robert Wood with the hounds still picking up on a scent of a fox. Wilby was now on the radio to alert the huntsman that sabs were with him. Some hounds were screaming in distress, presumably entangled it barb wire or brambles. Medcalf now attempting to round up his hounds wasted half an hour trying to find them before giving up with at least one hound still missing. The few hunt supporters out today had lost the hunt by now and asked sabs for directions, if they’ve followed the directions they may still be out there now. One rider was witnessed hitting her horse with the hard handle of her riding crop (must have taken lessons off Toby Dunn) on realising she was being watched she then reverted to kicking the horse repeatedly in the ribs to try get over the jump.

likes to hit and kick her horse

The hunt headed off up the roads and then to the top of Cwm Mountain. A sabs followed the hunt to the top and the hunt then turned back and headed back to the meet point to pack up.

We are very busy at the moment with so many wildlife abusers about. We’ll leave our donations link in the comments below. Thank you all.

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